One of the biggest issues this election has been women’s rights. Obama supporters claim Mitt Romney “hates women” because he doesn’t care about “women’s health” issues. They blast him because Republicans and other groups have been fighting for the right for employers to choose whether or not they should cover things like birth control even when doing so violates their religious beliefs. They claim that this “War on Women” isn’t about religion, but rather, it’s about the ability of women to “access” contraception or abortion using insurance provided by their employer.

This video is the most succinct 27 seconds I’ve ever seen of what the War on Women is actually about. It’s about jobs, access to gainful employment, and money. Birth Control is available at virtually every corner drug-store and convenience store in America in one form or another, and incredibly cheap. The “war” is truly on whether all Americans can find jobs and economic opportunities, man or woman. If people have jobs, paying for birth-control is truly a non-issue, and the left knows it.

Modern progressive ideologies have always been self-defeating. This “war on women” is a prime example. Their whole goal is to keep everyone in America dependent on the government, instead of giving them the tools to achieve their own American dream. They pass legislation and regulations that allow people to survive off government and be “happy,” instead of thriving by the work of their own minds and bodies. The sooner we wake up and realize this, the better we will all be.

The gig is up. You secure your votes by telling people that conservatives want to push them down. In reality, we want to let them take charge of their own lives. Instead of receiving “hand outs,” it’s time Americans start earning their keep; and it’s our job to put back into place the systems to help them get jobs, and let them buy their own birth control, instead of making the rest of us pay for them to have it.

America, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Birth Control isn’t the issue here. It’s a smoke show, and the perpetrators are about to get smoked out.

Edward Peichel | St. John’s University | @EdwardPeichel