Midwest Momentum

President Obama’s worst fear has come true: Michigan is in play.

Ever since 1992, Democrats have comfortably called the Great Lakes rust-belt home. Bill Clinton carried the state twice, as did Al Gore and John Kerry. The incumbent won by a wide 16.4% margin, but things are different this time around. According to Real Clear Politics, a reliable polling average database, Michigan is a toss-up. Each candidate claims a 47% share of the anticipated vote. Such a swing should not be too unexpected, however. Just last cycle Republican candidates swept all state-wide partisan offices (including the governorship), won a majority of House seats and clinched a conservative advantage on the Supreme Court. The GOP also holds a super-majority in the Senate chamber.

Because of the neck-and-neck poll numbers, the Obama campaign recently bought television advertisements in the Detroit market. They have been compelled to do the same elsewhere, i.e. Pennsylvania and Minnesota- two traditionally Democrat states.

Meanwhile, overwhelming enthusiasm for the Republican ticket is all too apparent. Michigan GOP volunteers have far exceeded their output of doors knocked and phones called from four years prior. Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI) visited the 1,000,000th home late in the campaign.

Across the country there is the potential for a landslide victory. If we can more than merely compete on liberal turf, the probability of a sound electoral mandate rises exponentially. Democrats are worried that the people have finally awoken to reality: a bad economy, weakened global status, and a failed agenda. Momentum continues to build for Mitt Romney and the Comeback Team. Make the most of the final hours by volunteering now! An Election Day victory is in sight.

Nicholas Kowalski | Michigan State University | @NKowalski

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  1. Chelle
    Nov 08, 2012 - 01:16 AM

    “Democrats are worried that the people have finally awoken to reality: a bad economy, weakened global status, and a failed agenda.”

    Um, the Democrats know people are aware of that. And that’s why the people decided to give the keys to the country back to the guys who are working to improve it for everyone, not just CEOs of corporations.

    The GOP can learn alot from this failure, as can a lot of writers on this site. There will be no reflection though. I’m sure the next article will be about how America has just become entitled or we’re turning away from God because some states volunterily legalized gay marriage (and yet, ME, MD and WA are not burning…mmmm.)


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