One of the things that killed Romney’s chances in this year’s election was his lack of support from women – specifically single women. Obama had a 12-point lead among women this election, which is four points more than last election. Furthermore, 68 percent of single women voted for Obama; 23 percent of voters were single women. In other words, Obama’s “Romney-Ryan: Wrong for Women” campaign worked. Now, I’m not saying that the Democrats are right when they say the GOP is perpetuating a “War on Women,” but I will say that the Republican Party really needs to reconsider how it addresses social issues concerning women. As a social conservative, I see a need to eradicate immorality, but it starts with making men more responsible and forcing them to exercise more self-control.

Todd Akin is the archetype of what Republicans should avoid at all costs when discussing women. Trying to tell women that they wouldn’t be pregnant unless they actually wanted to be raped is by far the dumbest thing he could have said. Bush adviser Karen Hughes highlighted this when she reported, “The college-age daughters of many of my friends voted for Obama because they were completely turned off by Neanderthal comments like the suggestion of legitimate rape.” That is quite understandable. Rape is one of the vilest crimes imaginable and if a woman decides to have an abortion because she is impregnated by a rapist, then the child’s blood is exclusively on the rapist’s hands, for he is wholly responsible for the entire situation. Republicans like Akin do nothing except give the Democrats ammunition to use against them.

While on the topic of criminal law, I think it is pertinent to address the iniquity in sentencing prostitutes. Conservatives need to realize that if there wasn’t a demand for prostitutes, prostitution wouldn’t be an issue. Patrons, more colloquially known as “johns,” are the real problem, yet the mean sentence for prostitutes in places like Chicago is 1.2 years in prison, while johns usually face 30-90 day terms. Fortunately, prosecutors in Manhattan this year have increased the sentence for patrons from 90 days to one year.

Another issue that social conservatives have a problem with is the porn industry. When Rick Santorum declared his war on porn, the first thing that I thought was that instead of blaming the industry, blame the consumers. It is primarily men who watch porn, so instead of banning it, maybe the Republicans should focus on making men more moral. If men were more responsible, they would stop funding this degrading institution.

Now I’ll tackle the most important issue – abortion. If a woman doesn’t want a child, then it is the man’s responsibility to use contraceptives or ensure the use of birth control by his partner. In other words, since men are needed in order for a baby to be made, the burden is on them to ensure that unwanted pregnancies don’t occur. Sure, women who get abortions after getting pregnant are responsible for their decision, but the situation couldn’t have happened without the guy.

Recently, a Dublin bar by the name of Alchemy posted an advertisement reading: “If you’re not up for it, don’t cum,” implying that scantily clad women were responsible for one-night stands and the like. Now, I think that men should be the one taking that message to heart before they put themselves in a position that may cause an unwanted pregnancy that could end in abortion. Also, they may want to think about what a Class A misdemeanor entails before patronizing a prostitute. The Republicans need to recognize that men are partially liable for most of the immoral actions for which they blame women. I believe that a “War on Immorality” encouraging men to man up and take responsibility for their actions would cure most of the same societal ills that the current “War on Women,” as the Democrats like to call it, aims to end.

Adam Ondo | University of Rochester | @JoplinMaverick