The Necessary Resurrection of Common-Sense Conservatism

Post-election season, a raging whirlwind of questions pertaining to the path the Republican Party ought to take has surfaced. Is a new direction really necessary, or is an improved strategy the key? Should the GOP abandon its namesake by incorporating liberal ideals in an effort to pander? Where should we go from here?

Contrary to what Leftist pundits would have you believe, however, Republicans made gains at the state level. Nationally, the GOP maintained control of the popular body of Congress, and increased its control of governorships and legislative chambers. In Michigan, the GOP held onto power of Lansing, keeping an advantage in the State House (thus paving the way for Right to Work legislation) and on the Supreme Court, Michiganders rejected measures that sought to drastically alter its Constitution, namely a proposed amendment which would have enshrined collective bargaining rights for government-sector unions. Not all was lost on Election Day, but we must double-down on our efforts to educate – not pander to – the public en masse.

RINOs – Republicans in name only, who seek to turn the GOP into a watered-down version of the Democrat Party – have time and time again failed to lead to electoral success. John McCain got trounced last presidential cycle. Mitt Romney is not entirely at fault, although some issue planks could have been better articulated, such as the campaign’s lackluster response to the disgraceful ObamaCare Court ruling.

A common-sense conservative approach is in order. The soft, we-are-not-as-bad-as-the-other-side tactic is a losing one. Strategically speaking, it is rather simple: focus on traditional values, i.e. legitimate fiscal restraint and respect for the freedom of the individual. Spending must stop, all human life must be protected by the law, and activist judges should not dictate their skewed interpretation of the natural law. Genuine conservatism will be given an opportunity to govern – it is only a matter of when.

Historically, these principles win elections. Is it any wonder why, when big-government policies are publicized for what they are, Leftists run as budget hawks? The most recent mid-term elections prove the point. Albeit contradictory to their agenda, Congressional Democrat candidates masqueraded as fiscally responsible lawmakers, even though they were responsible for fiscally insane legislation like ObamaCare and stimulus package. Fortunately voters saw through the lie. Under a second Obama administration, the Left cannot hide from their actions, let alone pretend they are something they are not: conservative politicians.

The bumpy road toward rejuvenation begins now. Speaker John Boehner and his U. S. House colleagues would be making a terrible blunder, philosophically and politically, if they were to give in to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s wish to raise taxes on Americans writ large. Republicans must stay true to their constituents by preventing any further tax increases. Americans are already saddled with debilitating debt and can ill afford to pay even more for Washington shenanigans.

Nick Kowalski | Michigan State University | @NKowalski

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  1. *enchante*
    Dec 09, 2012 - 08:21 PM

    I WISH that conservatives stop putting FISCAL ahead of MORAL conservatism. The reason Obama won is simply because kids who were born in the mid to late 80s were born to single moms. No in house dad leading the way. If people started living traditional , no sex until marriage,MEN TOO! we could turn this aroiund but it will take time.People may not realize this but one silly man could make multiple women pregnant at the same time…and so many fatherless girls who feel unloved by dad, just might let him….sooo th taxpayers take care of the babies who dont stay babies for long and its starts again

  2. Adrian Monroe
    Dec 09, 2012 - 05:51 PM

    “Americans are already saddled with debilitating debt and can ill afford to pay even more for Washington shenanigans.”

    Missing in your analysis are the now historically proven facts that the national debts primary causes are:

    1) The constant, but now totally discredited idea that you can decrease taxes on the wealthiest and this will create more and better jobs for most Americans. This simply has not happened in any significant way since President Reagan introduced the idea decades ago.

    2) The introduction of unfunded, “off the books” wars in the Middle East that, even if based on facts (like Saddam Hussein actually did have WMD, which he did not) but were nevertheless enacted and funded “under the table” and with little or no accountability.

    And yet conservatives somehow justify (not with facts, mind you, there are none) the ideological mantra that “Republicans must stay true to their constituents by preventing any further tax increases.”

    This is despite the fact that it was exactly these Republican induced tax reductions for wealthy individuals and corporations, compounded with the ill-advised and “off the books” wars which created and have been the largest contributors to our national debt in the first place.

    • Jonathon Defrates
      Dec 11, 2012 - 05:11 PM

      Good points Jonathon. It’s amazing that, after reading the other posts on a variety of subjects on this site, that some conservative’s still remain inflexible when it comes to changing their minds when they get new facts.

      It’s not like America hasn’t given these tax cuts for the wealthy a fighting chance to do what they claimed – create jobs and therefore improve the economy – we have tried this for over 30 years and it just hasn’t worked.

      These “job creators” have been given their chance to prove that this trickle-down economic theory works to the advantage of small business and the middle class as they had promised, only to squander their gifts of lower taxes on off-shore investments and bank accounts, all while the fellow Americans they were supposed to be investing in continued to lose their earning power and their jobs over the years.

      It was one of the conservative most exalted hero’s, Ronald Reagan, who started this fiscal irresponsibility that paradoxically noted “Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.”

      Too bad Reagan’s not around anymore – because even he would have realized quite some time ago that when you’re ship’s heading for the rocky shores of financial ruin, you don’t simply tighten your belt and holler “Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!”

      You change course.


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