Both parties just don’t seem to get it. Both have pathetic proposals that don’t get to the root of the problem: our $16 trillion debt.

We are about to go over the “fiscal cliff” because the Democrats are pussyfooting around the idea of entitlement reform.  They do not have proposals to reform Medicare because they believe that Obamacare has already fixed the staggering spending trends. One Democrat who believes this is Congressman Chris Van Hollen. He appeared on Morning Joe spewing the same old gimmicks.

People are tired of these political tactics. They’re tired of politics. They couldn’t care less about who will get elected or reelected. They want both parties to work together and get the job done. But it’s one thing to work together, and another to cave into flawed math.

That’s what Speaker Boehner is doing. He came up with a plan that cuts a minute $1.2 trillion in spending and cuts tax-loopholes and deductions by increasing $800 billion in revenue. This will be implemented over ten years.

Boehner also ousted top conservative chairmen from important committees. Two of them came from the budget committee. Both Congressmen Amash and Huelskamp were told to hit the road. That sparked a #FireBoehner movement on Twitter where one of our former Assistant Editors for The College Conservative and current member of the conservative Leadership Institute, Gabriella Hoffman tweeted, “We want a competent Speaker of the House, not a feckless Weeper of the House. #FireBoehner.” She’s right.

The Republican Party that we, conservatives, affiliate the most with is losing our support. It’s dissipating by the day because they don’t have the guts to stand up to President Obama and the Democrats. The Republicans don’t plan on cutting spending like we should. I mean really cutting spending like $9 trillion over ten years as Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma has proposed since July of 2011. This means cutting military spending, enacting tax reform, and reforming entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Coburn is right; that’s what the fight should be about. This “fiscal cliff” discussion should not be about raising taxes on the top two percenters. We won on tax cuts. Democrats like Chris Van Hollen have agreed on extending the tax cuts on 98 percent of the American people. He said it on Morning Joe, so let’s get over that.

Coburn just said on the same program that he is for raising taxes on the top two percent. That’s correct. Conservatives should fight to cut spending to preserve the common good of all Americans instead of the incomes of the wealthiest. If Democrats won’t talk about entitlement reform until Republicans accept raising taxes, then give in only if the plan has substantial cuts. If the plan that President Obama and Democrats propose has no entitlement reform and severe, then Republicans should fight them.

Our main Republican pillar is fiscal conservatism. Let’s not forget it. We are fiscal conservatives because we believe that the smaller the government the better for all Americans. Small government also means our individual wallets get a little bigger. We are not fiscal conservatives because we want the rich to get richer. We want all Americans to have a chance to move up the ladder. There is no way Republicans should budge on this. If they do, the party will be the Grand Old Party. The party is on the brink of extinction.

So, draw the line in the sand Boehner. Give in to protect the pocketbooks of the 98 percent while proposing $9 trillion in cuts from all sectors. This may include military cuts or raising the Medicare age legibility. Honesty and leadership don’t go unnoticed with the American people. Just look at how Governor Christie who says it like it is with tough words enjoys the highest approval rating in the nation at 67 percent. Leadership is rewarded.

This is going to be a tough one but tough times call for drastic policies. Mr. Boehner grow a spine and deliver. We have to drive down the spending or else we will end up like Greece. Call me crazy, but as an American I don’t want that to happen. We must persevere.

Alex Uzarowicz | Knox College | @AUzarowicz