The Battle for Culture

No matter where you look these days, you’re bound to be faced with a movie, song or television program dripping in liberal bias. Whether it’s South Korean rapper Psy talking about killing American soldiers or Jamie Foxx joking about “killing all the white people” in his new movie while his Saturday Night Live audience bursts out laughing, this practice has become common place. Cultural liberalism has become so prevalent in Hollywood that we are seemingly numb to it and more likely to brush it off.

However, this isn’t something to be brushed off lightly. People are molded and shaped through culture. The fact that many young people get their news through Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart is more than horrifying — it’s a fact of life. While we should not brush off the deficiency of conservatism in the American culture, neither should we stick to complaining alone. A cultural change takes work and that starts with the individual.

Ghandi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Amidst the cultural battle in the United States, we need to be that change.

Perhaps the simplist thing you can do is support the actors, musicians, and writers who are brave enough to expose their conservatism. Think Jon Voight or Vince Vaughn (or rather, libertarianism in Vaughns’s case). We have a free market, support them with your dollars. If you’re offended by something or someone in Hollywood, don’t support them. I’m not calling for a boycott in any way, but if you’re tempted to complain about something you saw on TV last night, just don’t watch it. If anything, it will make you feel better.

Now, a free market solution is only a small piece of the puzzle. What we need to focus on is the cultural element. Think about it. If we really were to pull a full-out boycott on anything with a twinge of liberalism, there would be almost nothing to watch or listen to in regards to entertainment. And boycotting something just because you disagree with it isn’t always the answer. The fact that liberal television programs and movies exist is not the problem. It’s that the culture is so liberally biased that conservatism isn’t given a fair shot.

Thus, this battle for culture starts with the individual. First, make sure you are a person of character. Culture is made up of our collective morals and interests. If we start with ourselves and become a moral people, then culture will follow. Once you’ve changed yourself, move on to your families, your communities, and your states. Change starts from the bottom up, not the top down.

Entertainment is a manifestation of culture. If we have a culture backed on personal responsibility and character, our pop culture will follow. Though, as I said, it always starts with the individual. Are you a singer tired of hearing the songs on the radio? Write your own. The same goes for actors, writers and speakers. Remember, we must be the change we seek.

Cultural change takes time, decades in fact. Unfortunately, the left has been well versed in this battle for a long time, which is evidenced by the culture we see in Hollywood today. However, if we can throw ourselves head first into the cultural battle, we can and will reverse the trend and we will have a culture that represents a moral, upright people.

Amy Lutz | Assistant Editor | Saint Louis University | @AmyLutz4

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  1. Trilby
    Dec 19, 2012 - 03:01 PM

    If Hollywood was actually liberal, why do women only account for 33% of the characters and only 11% of the protagonists in movies? A truly liberal Hollywood would believe in gender equality, and not minimize the role of women to 11% of protagonists.

    Calling Hollywood liberal might be a convenient simplification for you, but I don’t believe it’s true. I would say many performers in the entertainment business are politically liberal (like Jamie Foxx and Psy), but I don’t think the actual industry as a whole is liberal.

  2. Tray
    Dec 17, 2012 - 11:15 PM

    You do realize the free market has chosen this, right? It wouldn’t sell if people didn’t like it.

    • Charlie
      Dec 18, 2012 - 01:14 AM

      Although I think one could question- rightfully, just how free the market is given that the supply for the marketplace in question is so one-sided.

      This was one of the most intelligent commentaries I’ve ever read on the matter. Well done to the author.

      • Trilby
        Dec 19, 2012 - 08:48 PM

        How is the supply one-sided? Are you saying the supply is primarily liberal despite the fact that money could be made by providing conservative entertainment choices? If so, what is stopping anyone from supplying that to the market?

        I would just reiterate I don’t think the supply is wholly or even predominately liberal. “Hollywood” cranked out movies last year where only 11% of the protagonists were female- that’s about as liberal and diverse as the Republican members of Congress.

  3. Christopher Rushlau
    Dec 13, 2012 - 07:35 PM

    I’m enjoying Jon Voight’s vintage retro folk song out this week, “Kill all the hajjis and feed their innards to the hogs.”
    Israel would not be safe if the liberal bias prevents us from killing all hajji-linked individuals.
    You may not know that “hajji” is the term used by US military people for local people in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. An African-American sergeant described the tone of the word to a European-American captain in my presence as sounding like “nigger”. That is the culture of the Global War On Terror. Does Hollywood have any comment on that fact? Or is Hollywood the main legitimizer of that racism? Does the market solution work? If you stand back a bit you can see that when a ruling elite commits suicide it has already given plenty of warning signs: like there still being no real movie/tv treatment of the GWOT, nothing like “Apocalypse Now,” “Platoon”, “Full Metal Jacket”, etc. Yet all of us know by now, by acquaintance with someone who was there, that that is what this war is all about, and that Hollywood along with Washington are lying to us. Hardy har har.


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