Global Solutions: A Synonym for Global Government

In 21st Century America, college campuses seem like places where ideologies and opinions, rather than knowledge, are built. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in college environmental courses. These classes basically list becoming a Marxist as a course requirement. If you don’t worship the earth and demand a workers’ revolution, than you are a heartless bastard. Any audible defense of capitalism will not only damper your chances at getting an A in the class, but it will make you the resident jerk. In every environmental class I have taken, I am that guy. I am always the butt of the professors’ jokes and receive many an eye roll when I raise my hand. I won’t apologize, because defending capitalism is defending freedom. When you are a 20 year old idealistic college kid, it doesn’t seem fair that people own things and that some have to work harder than others to make ends meet. An Inconvenient Truth sounds convincing, and anyone who disagrees with Al Gore is cruel. Still, you love your Apple laptop and iPhone. Starbucks makes good coffee for which you have no problem paying $7. As you enjoy these luxuries, you ironically call for global socialization of business and wealth. Justice, right? As long as we save the earth, who cares what rights we have?

Reading the Marxist textbooks that are a staple of environmental education, you would conclude that prior to capitalism, environmental problems didn’t exist (Not true, Native American’s were guilty of deforestation before European contact). It was the evil Europeans that sold us down the polluted river with that terrible thing called the Industrial Revolution. According to academia, this disgusting age of greed created the haves and have-nots. Supposedly life was terrible, even though infant survival rates skyrocketed as did life expectancy. People of all classes could now own land with Europe having shed the shackles of Serfdom, but people also got rich, which is supposedly a bad thing. The Industrial Revolution, through unbridled capitalism, paved the way for the awesome standard of living we now enjoy. This is where I believe radical environmentalists err; they seem so willing to condemn the practices and institutions that allow us such a high standard of living. Sadly, I think that many environmental advocates think a green utopia is attainable.

As a realist, I do not subscribe to these immature ideologies. Capitalism is blamed for the proliferation of environmental issues, but what is a better solution? I don’t see any viable remedies. It seems as if many people advocate Wilsonian overhauls for global government and Marxist initiatives for limiting liberty and prosperity. College campuses paint pictures of “global solutions.” I don’t see how global solutions to environmental issues like oil dependence, climate change, and deforestation are possible without a global centralization of power. This will only ensure tyranny and perpetuate oppression. The visions of environmentalists may be well intentioned, and I agree with many of their wishes, but unfortunately human beings are not angels. We are inherently flawed, and that simple detail makes global environmental control an unattainable idea. Any formation of a global environmental government will ensure global tyranny, wealth destruction, a decline in standard of living, and green fascism.

I would love to become a catalyst for environmental solutions, but until we can deal with global green issues without global radicalism, my realist cynicism forces me to refrain. I love the environment. As an avid outdoorsman, I enjoy the ocean, the numerous wildlife refuges near my hometown, and the New Jersey Pine Barrens. On a local level, I am a staunch advocate for conservation and preserving the great outdoors. However, on a global scale, I still remain cynical. In college, cynicism of idealism is uncool, but cynicism of reality is cool. This is because a classroom is not in the real world, it is a shelter for pipe dreams and idealistic idiocy. Even if “global warming” (or is it climate change?) exists, it can not be solved with out global compliance, which is not possible. I don’t think Kim Jong Un or Ahmadinejad care very much about the environment. The only thing “Global Solutions” will get us is the economy of the New Stone Age and the politics of Medieval Serfdom.

Colin Snell | The College of New Jersey | @SnellColin

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  1. B. Will
    Feb 20, 2013 - 07:35 PM

    Ok, now you both sound like fools.
    Matthew, I’m with you on a lot of things, but settle down bro. Grab a beer.
    Trilby, your citing of the EPA on most of this betrays your reliance on government agency statements and environmentalist dogma. I don’t disagree that climate change is happening, only the severity and the cause. While I am sure that we are not particularly helpful with our industrial pollution and whatnot, there are a staggering amount of factors beyond high levels of CO2 that go into consideration. Further, it is a geologic fact that climate have changed before, and every change has taken thousands if not millions of years to happen. Also, there’s this thing caped Malinkovich cycles (can’t remember if that’s the right name or not) involving the sun. Listen less to the EPA and their radical science and read some real information. I would also recommend reading “How to Think Seriously About the Planet: The Case for an Environmental Conservatism” by Roger Scruton.
    On the issue of the 2nd Amendment, you can have my guns when I’m dead 🙂 . Have a nice day.

  2. Trilby
    Feb 19, 2013 - 01:23 AM

    Matthew- your intricate logic has overwhelmed me. I’ve decided to believe you, and not scientists like Stephen Hawking or Neil Tyson. Climate change is definitely a conspiracy.

    What else has science been wrong about and is a giant conspiracy? Where do we stand on evolution? What about gravity? The moon landing?

  3. Trilby
    Feb 17, 2013 - 07:50 PM

    Matthew- I have to assume you are a fan of my comments and are just trying to make laugh and testing me with absurd arguments.

    You say you want me to stop writing on here, but your comments are what make me write much more than I ever would on this site. If no one responded to my comments, I would move on to another site where I could better engage with people who think differently than me. But I have you- so I can keep writing on here!

    Well the EPA and other independent scientific agencies disagree with you on the ozone layer. Do you know any scientists that agree with your claim? Or should we all trust the uncited, not peer-reviewed, anonymous internet commenter?

    If you agree with the current 2nd amendment interpretation, you are also supporting the idea that Americans not be allowed to defend themselves. You advocate that law-abiding Americans cannot protect themselves with bazookas, surface-to-air missiles, or chemical weapons. So why do you choose to leave Americans defenseless?

    Even though I still think you are a fan of my comments, I’ll play a long and give you a few quick corrections of your false statements:

    I never argued that Americans should not be allowed to own guns.

    Americans owning guns does not make them safe as you claim. If that was true, the states with the most guns would be the safest from violence. They are not, they are actually the most violent and riddled with gun violence.

    The UK and Australia have not banned private gun ownership.

    Can you point to the rules in this forum that say only people who agree with “Matthew” are allowed to participate in this forum? If that’s true, I’ll happily leave. But I suspect it is just another irrational and untrue claim you’re making. It’s kind of your thing! That and a very limited vocabulary you use to express your hysteric anger when your echo chamber is intruded with differing opinions.

    • Matthew
      Feb 18, 2013 - 10:39 PM

      “Well the EPA and other independent scientific agencies disagree with you on the ozone layer. Do you know any scientists that agree with your claim?”

      You mean the ones who also say there’s such a thing as global warming? Ever hear of “junk science?”

      “If you agree with the current 2nd amendment interpretation, you are also supporting the idea that Americans not be allowed to defend themselves.”

      “I never argued that Americans should not be allowed to own guns.”

      In other words, “I’m not saying that. YOU are.” You sound like a first grader, fucking retard.

      “The UK and Australia have not banned private gun ownership.”

      And you just can’t keep yourself from uttering complete fucking bullshit.

      This is why I don’t want you here. Rational people don’t want you here. And that’s the rule, created by me: TRILBY IS NOT WELCOME HERE BECAUSE SHE IS A COMPLETE FUCKING IMBECILE WHO DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO READ A FUCKING NEWSPAPER.

      Fuck you. And go away.

  4. Trilby
    Feb 17, 2013 - 02:08 AM

    Since you don’t like my opinion on the second amendment, you feel it makes sense to shout obscenities at me in other unrelated article comments, even when I’m not talking about the second amendment?

    Well, I guess if that’s how you like to spend your time, go for it! If you think it’s going to be an effective way to get me to stop exercising my first amendment rights, then I think you’re mistaken.

    Given your hyperbole and hysteria, it seems like you’re pretty stressed out about me offering my opinion. Your failure to respond in the other thread, and failure to provide evidence for your claim that ozone depletion was a natural phenomena, also make me think you’re probably not eager to back up your statements with any evidence.

    Anyway, I don’t want to make this comment too long, I know you might have other people you are screaming at online in hopes of stopping them from sharing their opinion.

    • Matthew
      Feb 17, 2013 - 12:06 PM

      Making yourself to be smarter than you actually are just makes you a classic fucktard.

      The sun creates the ozone layer, and the reason why there are holes over the North and South Poles is because the earth revolves and rotates around the sun and doesn’t pivot. Translation: Sunlight doesn’t get to those places. Something you learn in fucking middle school, you dumbass.

      The Second Amendment has only been “misinterpreted” by people who don’t think people should have the right to defend themselves. And again, that’s flat bullshit from top to bottom. You don’t like guns? Don’t own one. You don’t think anyone else should own one because their safety doesn’t make you comfortable? Fuck you. I don’t give a fuck about Japan (who has a high suicide rate), the UK or Australia (both of which have higher violent crime rates since they banned private gun ownership). I give a fuck about the fact the number of crimes involving firearms are absolutely miniscule in comparison to the number of times firearms have been used defensively. But none of that matters to you because you are a complete goddamn moron.

      If you want to make a valid point, then make one. But you have yet to do so. If you feel you want to be my favorite whipping boy/girl/it/whatever you can go right ahead, but bear in mind I do not want you here and I intend to make things as uncomfortable for you as possible until you leave.

      In fact, you have two rights here: To shut the fuck up and leave. You have no free speech rights here. You can say any fucking thing you like but nobody has to provide you a forum to do so. This is not your forum. This website is reserved for people who have a functioning brain, but complete fucktards with single-digit IQs like yourself.

      Fuck you and go away.

  5. Trilby
    Feb 15, 2013 - 12:15 AM

    Wasn’t closing the ozone layer and curtailing the use of CFCs a global solution that worked?

    • Matthew
      Feb 16, 2013 - 03:53 AM

      Not when CFCs weren’t causing the hole in the ozone layer in the first place; turns out it is a naturally occurring event man has no part in.

      And by the way, you fucking coward, did you really think I was going to allow you to get away with spouting bullshit and then running off?

      I have grown extremely tired of fucktards like yourself, so I have decided while I cannot make sure you don’t a moment’s peace anywhere on God’s green earth, I can at least ride your ass 24/7 until you stop coming here.

      Fuck you and go away.

      • Trilby
        Feb 16, 2013 - 03:45 PM

        Ah Matthew! One of my favorite sources of civil discourse and rational thought.

        Can you show any evidence to back up your claim that the ozone layer depletion was natural and not caused by humans? The Environmental Protection Agency says it was caused by humans increased used of CFCs.

        I have so many questions. How am I a coward? How did I “run off”? Are you an aspiring cyberbully?

        Instead of just reading articles I agree with, I read ones that challenge my views, and I often write comments if I agree or disagree. What’s wrong with that? And I’ve responded to all your obscenity-laden responses to me, so how am I running off and cowardly? You’re the one who hasn’t responded to the other thread and who resorts to vulgarities when you can’t succeed in making logical, persuasive arguments.

        And you think your sad threats are going to make sure I don’t get a moment of peace? You’re the one getting so riled up over internet comments. I just enjoy communicating with people who have different views as me- but you seem to lose your mind when confronted with that.

      • Matthew
        Feb 16, 2013 - 07:46 PM

        The thing is, you stupid fucktard, is you seem to have a problem with a person’s right to self-defense, calling that right a “misinterpretation” when in fact you’d much rather see a large pile of dead women and children at your feet. That’s as insane as suggesting one should reason with the pervert who is molesting your child instead of using physical intervention to stop him.

        This isn’t about logical arguments. You have yet to make one. The only thing that has come from you is complete bullshit that insults the intelligence of a 5-year-old that knows how to conduct a simple Google search.

        And it also isn’t about peace. It’s about you going away. So everyone else can have peace. Peace from such a warped fucktard and coward such as yourself.

        Fuck you and go away.

  6. Chris Rushlau
    Feb 14, 2013 - 08:02 PM

    You’re so brave, let’s hear your thoughts on Israel, the “Jewish and democratic state” in Palestine, with reference to the legal issues of colonialism, racism and genocide.
    The main feature of your essay is you apparently think you can out-bullshit the bullshitters. That concept should bother you.
    The mark of the racist is the obvious belief she has that you, the despised other, don’t really exist. Which side is going to win?
    Your job is to convince her that you do, too, exist while doing as little harm to her as possible. Debunk. Don’t bullshit. Be a Mensch. And never be afraid to assume the worst. I’ve ever only hurt myself (and failed to help others) by assuming that it couldn’t be as bad as it seemed.
    Ask yourself what are the economic principles by which colleges and universities operate: what is the product, who pays, and who benefits?
    It seems the most ridiculous premise that you should need to go get someone to teach you to think clearly. “Oh, sir, can you teach me to distinguish reality from illusion, please?” “Can you certify my ability to recognize a liar?”
    Do you think God is stupid?
    So I look forward to your essay about Israel.

  7. Jack Penland
    Feb 14, 2013 - 02:32 PM

    Apparently you, like me, fine it ironic that in every “socialist workers’ paradise” that I know of, the environment is a disaster, and to protest against it will earn the protester a quick trip to a “socialist workers’ paradise” prison. The reason no one has anything bad to say about Marxist governments is probably due to the difficulties involved in Gulag mail delivery. The tenured professors who profess to know whereof they speak have no more than a nodding acquaintence with reality, much less capitalism, having spent their entire lives insulated from both, while their only experience in free enterprise appears to be removing the “free” part from their carefully constructed fantasy world. I have personal experience as to what happens when that world is threatened with contamination by reality.
    Jack Penland


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