The left doesn’t even blink when they are accused of being hypocrites, but that is because they are not hypocrites – they are moral relativists. To be a hypocrite, one must believe in absolute good and evil, in basic principles and necessary truths, and then act contrary to those absolute good and evils, principles and truths. For the left, what is good and evil is determined by what they themselves decide is good. Liberalism and all that furthers its cause. Class warfare isn’t good or bad; but it is good for Obama to pit the poor against the rich because it furthers liberalism, and it is wrong for conservatives to pit the wealthy against the poor (a fallacious accusation made by the left against the right) because it detracts from liberalism. Racism isn’t good or bad; but it is okay for the left to use racial epithets when referring to black conservatives because demeaning conservatives furthers liberalism, but it is wrong for conservatives to be racist, in other words, disagree with Obama, because it detracts from liberalism.

A current example of the moral inconsistency of the left is the way they handled the short-lived rampage of Christopher Dorner, an ex-police officer who, after highlighting the perceived injustices he experienced while working for the LAPD in a rambling manifesto, went on a systematic killing spree. Considering the current anti-gun atmosphere in America, it is no surprise that Dorner’s rampage became the top story. Oddly enough, the left did not take the opportunity to condemn the American, wild west, gun-culture or declare it another example of how guns are to blame, as it so often did. In fact, the left seemed to celebrate Dorner, one professor likening Dorner’s bloodbath to that of the movie, Django Unchained. The mainstream media blathered on and on about his psychological state, his motivations, and his grievances … dialogue they barely afforded to Adam Lanza or Jovan Belcher, the football player who shot his girlfriend and then himself. The left over-sympathized with the person behind the gun for Dorner, but for the two other men, the guns and only the guns were to blame.

It seems pretty hypocritical – except it’s not. On the basis that whatever serves liberalisms’ purpose is good, it is very consistent. In Dorner’s case, the narrative was: “White cops are racist.” Victimization is the left’s favorite motivator for blacks and guilt-ridden whites. Dorner’s murders viewed from the perspective that he was just another victimized black man, helped reinforce the beliefs among blacks that without liberalism defending them from whites in authority and blinded by ‘privilege’ (conservative, no doubt), there’d be more Dorner’s. It wasn’t the gun that was the cause of all this violence, but white people! In Lanza’s and Belcher’s case, the narrative was: “Guns are evil.” At the top of the long to-do list of policies to enact when the left gains control of a city, state or country is always gun-control. The left cannot see the contradictory ways in which they treated these murders as hypocritical because in doing so, both cases furthered liberalism. Dorner reinforced the illusion that blacks are perpetual victims of the system, and Lanza’s and Belcher’s murders reinforced that private gun ownership is too dangerous.

NewAveyOwynsICONLiberals do not hold to basic principles from which they derive political goals other than “Liberalism is good”; all else is in flux and their rightness or wrongness is determined by circumstance. Though they might cling to ideologies like equality or feminism, they will easily forfeit these values or turn a blind eye to those who contradict them if it serves to further their cause (extravagant wealth among the liberal elites or not addressing the blatant subjugation of women in Islam). We are dealing with people operating in an entirely different paradigm where hypocrites do not exist and so the repeated attempts by the right to point out the left’s hypocrisy, I feel, are rather pointless.

However, you will find that the left has no problem pointing out the hypocrisy of the right because they understand us better than we do them. They know we value truth and goodness more than we do money or power.

Avey Owyns | University of Windsor (Ontario) | @AveyOwyns