Imagine the headline: George W. Bush nominee for CIA Director supports use of Drone Execution Program. Imagine if the nominee was also a possible proponent of using Drones for domestic executions against Americans. Protests would erupt across the nation, Michael Moore and Jesse Ventura would slander the President in books and movies, and the “global community” would call him a war criminal and demand his arrest. The Senator who dared to stand up against the administration by filibustering the nomination of this “fascist” radical would be deemed a national hero. Doesn’t this anecdote sound straight out of 2002? Well, it actually happened this first week of March 2013. The President with the nominee who may support domestic drone execution is not the war criminal George W. Bush, but the Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Barack Obama.

Jack O. Brennan, who also served in the Bush Administration, is Obama’s nominee for CIA Director. Brennan supports the use of water boarding, is an ardent supporter of drones, and has not ruled out using domestic drone strikes against Americans. Had this bureaucrat been nominated by the “fascist” Bush, I’m sure there would be international uproar. Brennan is on the far right of Bush on military policy, but since he is being nominated by our Mr. Cool liberal Commander n Chief, liberals don’t mind. Jesse Ventura, since his fade from relevance, has used his celebrity status to voice his hatred of George W. Bush and his policies. In his book Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me, Ventura rails against the Patriot Act and its Fourth Amendment Infringements. Ironically, Ventura was totally silent this week during Paul’s filibuster and did not comment on the possibility of the Obama Administration favoring much more blatant violations of The Bill of Rights. Anti-War activist Cindy Sheehan, in a 2011 Op-ed on Michael Moore’s official website, accused of treason every member of Congress who voted for the Patriot Act and called it Oddly enough, she wrote an Op-ed on her own site this week exclaiming that she “does not stand with Rand,” referencing Paul’s firestorm of support on Twitter “tyrannical and fascist.”. I guess she does not define the domestic execution of American citizens by drone as “tyrannical and fascist” like the Patriot Act.

Last month, Liberal Filmmaker Michael Moore surprisingly voiced opposition to the Administration’s National Defense Authorization Act, the legislation that allows the government to detain American citizens overseas, without due process. In an interview with The Guardian last month, Moore stated: “We have to work and speak out against the Obama Administration and everything they are doing to destroy civil liberties.” Isn’t that exactly what Rand Paul did? Criticizing President Obama is quite a noble feat for a member of the fringe left, but when put to the test, Moore could not sustain his criticism. He did not make any statements on Paul’s stand for civil liberties, although he had time to praise Hugo Chavez and rave about a documentary about the rock band Journey on Twitter . Where were all these outspoken defenders of human rights when human rights were put on trial by a liberal President? How come these anti-establishment rogues could not support the only politician with the guts to stand up against the establishment? None of these liberal demagogues voiced any support of Senator Paul’s stand for liberty. Had Jack Brennan been a nominee of a Republican President, I am sure they would ignite a hailstorm of protests. However, Barack Obama is a liberal; therefore the anti-fascists ironically and hypocritically supported fascism. NewColinSnellIcon (1)

This week, Senator Rand Paul exemplified political courage not seen since Ronald Reagan’s speech at the Brandenburg Gate. Unfortunately, Brennan was confirmed, but he was hardly the reason for Paul’s patriotic defiance anyway. Senator Paul proved a point: we will not stand by and let the President shred the constitution (to quote Rand himself). Had the Senator showed such opposition to a Republican administration, he would be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. Sadly, he was standing up to a renegade recipient of that prize and the national cult of hypocrisy denied him any support. This week’s political events taught us that along as fascism comes from the Left, it is perfectly acceptable. Left wing dissidents such as Jesse Ventura, Cindy Sheehan, and Michael Moore exposed their hypocrisy. Their refusal to stand up to liberal oppression sheds light on a sobering reality: If we do not breed more Rand Paul’s, the constitution will continue to be usurped. These usurpations will certainly come from the Left, but from what this week taught us, constitutional defense will certainly not.

Colin Snell | College of New Jersey | @SnellColin