Everyone agrees Kermit Gosnell is a monster.

He used dirty tools, and left blood soaked rags around his clinic. He lied to his under-trained staff about the legality of his practice.

He kept the feet of aborted babies in jars in his office.

This story is a stab directly into the soul of every person who is paying attention.

This story should be the breaking point of the abortion debate, but it won’t be.

It is the height of insanity to claim, as Gosnell’s lawyer did on the stand, that his client was innocent of killing a baby because, and I quote “The fact is that baby was not alive because the mother was injected with Digoxin to bring about fetal demise”

So, wait. If he tried to kill the baby in utero, that’s okay. But if the poison Gosnell injected the fetus with didn’t kill it, and it emerged alive, it’s wrong to kill it? What a ridiculous line we’ve created for ourselves.

Everyone in the news media knows that if you lead the newscast with the the horror of the feet in the jars, the overwhelming evil of the story will split the audience. Half of the audience will demand in-depth coverage. The other half will turn off the TV.

We look back through history, and we mock our predecessors. We point at the tragic mistakes our society made, and we vow to never let it happen again. We know better. This time, we’ll avoid it.

We look at slavery, and the unbelievable arrogance it takes to believe you can own a human being. How could the Founders ignore the rights they established? All people have a right to Liberty.

We look at Jim Crow laws and segregation and see the racial prejudice of the people. We have a right to Pursue Happiness, no matter what ethnicity we are. How were our great grandparents so blind?

We forget that time moves quickly. We are living in the time that the future generations will point at in as much disgust as we point to Jim Crow or slavery.

We live in the time when partial birth abortion is legal. We do not respect the right to life.

In 2007, the Supreme Court upheld a bill that made it illegal to partially birth a child, feet first, leaving only the head in the birth canal, before shoving scissors into the brain. This was a step in the right direction, but in order to be upheld, the bill specified a very narrow definition of what is illegal. Gosnell, as is common among practitioners of late-term abortions, sidestepped this bill by using poison to end the life of the fetus before, as they say, “extraction”.

The only difference is that instead of stabbing the fetus with scissors, you inject it with poison.

We, like Jefferson, should tremble for the country, for God is just; and his justice will not sleep forever.


Luke Stibbs | The University of Fraser Valley | @LukeStibbs