The Republican Party needs a truly conservative leader in 2016, someone who will lead us to victory. No more Romneys, McCains, Bushes, or Doles. Once this leader is elected, he will need to stand by his principles and govern like a conservative. The best man for this task is Senator Rand Paul.

Paul offers stark contrast with the big government agendas of both parties in Washington, and represents a threat to the GOP’s status quo. With the retirement of his father, Ron Paul, Rand is one of the few steadfast defenders of liberty remaining on the hill. Since the beginning of 2013, he has been perhaps the loudest voice in resisting the administration’s tyranny.

He has been a thorn in the sides of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Chuck Hagel during their appearances in front of he Senate. Unlike other Republican Senators who sometimes let an individual’s esteem intimidate them, Senator Paul did not back down from this Unholy Trinity of Power. While he recognizes the illegitimacy of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, he is not a slave to the excessively neo-conservative faction of the Republican Party. If Rand runs in 2016, it will be refreshing to have a mainstream GOP advocate for non-adventurous foreign policy, without the sometimes radical views of Rand’s father.

Senator Paul has been heard on almost every topic of political theatre this winter has offered. Delivering great testimonies on the Fiscal Cliff and sequester cuts, he remains a constant conservative. He did battle with the administration on Libya and will still not back down on that issue. You can count his allies in the Senate on one hand, but Paul’s political purpose is not to make friends. Rather, it is to protect liberty.

While 2016 will be an open field and its prospective candidates still have time to be thoroughly vetted, I see none more needed than Rand Paul. We don’t need a candidate who wants to increase government less than the Democratic candidate; we need a candidate who wants to decrease government! Rand Paul is one of a numbered few who will stand up for limited government, and we need him in 2016. No more big-government conservatives, no more radical neocons, no more moderates.

We need a new Thomas Jefferson, but the next best thing is Senator Rand Paul.