We’re emerging into a society that is becoming more and more liberal in its political beliefs. The mass of young people is more likely to side with the Democrats/Liberals because they can agree with their views on social issues. The Republican party, or as I call it, the GOP Establishment, has been desperately trying to appeal to the masses in order to gain more support and voters because they have been alienating certain groups, not on purpose, with their traditional conservative beliefs.

The younger people will always be more liberal than the older generation who is always more conservative. When looking at statistics, younger people far outweigh the voters of the older generation. The masses of the younger generation wants to be represented by officials who are advocates for the emerging society with equality for all and many liberal policies. Being part of the younger generation, I have been more accepting of diversity, whether that be with sexual, racial, or religious diversity, than the people of the older generation. We’ve grown up in a society with many different kinds of diversity around unlike our Baby Boomer parents. It’s just “normal” to us. Republican politicians in today’s age are attempting to change with the times and the people of the United States rather than staying true to their beliefs. They are more concerned with making sure everyone is represented, even if they are trying to represent a group of people that they don’t necessarily identify with.

The politicians who are elected are typically older because more voters feel that they are more experienced and knowledgeable about government and politics. The main problem with this and the Republican Party is that because of the GOP’s conservative views, the younger generation will never be in the majority of support of the conservative candidates running for public office. So, as we’ve seen with recent stories about Republicans in Congress and in the Senate “coming out” as supporters of gay marriage and being pro-choice, they are turning on their conservative beliefs and choosing to try to run with the GOP Establishment‘s political ploy to appeal to more people.

Conservatives’ end goals shouldn’t ever be emerging or changing, that’s why we’re conservative. We stick to our traditional beliefs that have been set before us. But when we talk about the main political parties (namely the Republican Party that most conservatives identify themselves with) then people change what they want to be enacted into law because they want to appeal to as many voters as possible. We saw with the presidential, congress, senate, and statewide elections of 2008 and 2012 that a majority of what voters cared about when voting for a candidate was that candidate’s social views–which are the views that really separate the two parties. The Republicans that were running for office tried to appeal to as many people as possible–especially targeting minority voters. Nonetheless, as a political party establishment, they tried to bend their beliefs in order to receive more votes. For example, some of them promoted marriage equality, pro-choice, and pro-amnesty policies on the campaign trail. This sometimes hurt them at the polls when Conservative voters viewed the Republican candidates as “wishy-washy” candidates because they didn’t truly stand up for the Conservative views they once stood for. However, most Republicans are conservatives and have the moral beliefs that gay marriage, abortion, and illegal immigration are all wrong.

The problem that we face today is that because the society is changing, the people who we elect are changing with the society. However, the Conservative views aren’t changing. It’s the GOP establishment that’s changing. It’s important to differentiate between the Conservatives and the Republicans, because there is a difference. When I talk about my beliefs I’m speaking as a conservative. And, when I’m speaking about political policies that I think should be imposed on everyone else in the state/national levels, I’m speaking as a Republican. The issue we as Conservatives and Republicans face is what to do when it comes to voting: do we support candidates that represent the GOP establishment and are changing with the times to be more electable, or do we stick to the “good ole boys” with the traditional conservative views? It’s a question that every Republican and Conservative must ask themselves. We’ll have our answer about what the people choose in 2016. All we can do is wait.