In the political world, it’s pretty easy to get caught up and depressed, especially if you’re a Conservative. I mean let’s face it; it always feels like we are losing. Honestly, we are losing, a lot! But why is that? Is it because of our messaging? Is it because of our belief system? Actually, the second question would be a closer, more appropriate answer to why we are losing. The reason for that is because the message of our opponents was ingrained for such a long time before ours’ that anything which may seem contradictory is automatically pushed aside.

This has nothing to do with our message; free markets & individual liberty are attractive in so many forms. This has everything to do with starting the teaching of your messaging, your ideology and your agenda at the first opportunity possible.

Don’t believe that this works? Please see the 1st paragraph and come back, thank you. Back on topic: we can debate about how this started (see the Frankfurt School), how this modern statist agenda has desensitized a majority of our population, or we can talk about why they are doing it.

One thing that really infuriates me about our movement is when we see something occur that goes against our values. For example, if the LGBT agenda has a victory, what do we say? “They’re trying to destroy our country’s values!” If President Obama launches a sweeping piece of deplorable legislation that we morally disagree with, what do we say? We say that it’s on purpose, an attack on a certain people group.

No, that’s not the case. President Obama isn’t trying to push an extra cavity into the moral decay of our country’s teeth. The left is simply being the statist they are… and that is their natural habitat. One way or the other, everything ends with Government intervention.

This is why the right needs to get smarter- a lot smarter, because the cultural river is starting to flow against us, with a headwind. The greater population has become so desensitized to natural law and common sense that what were once widespread morals are now labeled as bigotry and hate.

This type of discourse is a result of a long decomposition of morality, not a cause of something greater to come. We see this in our school systems, in the breakdown of our family, unnecessary intervention, the centralization of power, the constant re-definition of tolerance and ultimately, the common secularization & dislike for anyone who might believe otherwise. Don’t believe me? See #FreeKate

This is unfortunate, but we bring it upon ourselves for not being involved sooner rather than later. When Conservatives and the ethically-based ideologies and ideas they bring with them leave the public arena, who or what do we expect will fill up the vacuum which is left behind?

It’s time to revert to plan B., instead of pushing forward the failed plan of plan A. Instead of accusing people of purposely trying to attack our morals, how about we recognize that it’s in man’s watered down nature to act this way after being exposed to it without re-enforcement. Ultimately, it’s time to get involved and find a way to combat the flow of the river that is against us, not with us and recognize that we’ve lost the first battle.

But the war will wage on and ultimately, we can still win.

Tanner Brumbarger | @brumbarger