Republicans are acting like the immigration bill is a discussion on what to have for dinner, like the president is on board because he shares their taste for border security and immigration reform.

No. He approves of the bill because it’s a sure way to doom Republican success.

It would be like Republicans coming up with a Senate bill on guns and having Obama’s support. Wow! We must have done a really great job on this gun control bill – even the President supports it!

Sen. Rubio’s bill is a way to politically drown Republicans (who will be just as successful in national elections as they are in California – not being able to compete in a constituency that is increasingly Hispanic and dependent on government assistance).

President Obama supports it because, by definition, the bill is amnesty. It makes those ineligible for citizenship, eligible for citizenship. More than that: it basically brings their green card to their front door.

The bill doesn’t require that they “get to the back of the line,” wait a few years before they are admissible, or anything of that sort. It requires only that they pay a considerably small $500 fee to get their green card. After this, they can get citizenship in two years, compared to five years for every other immigrant who didn’t break into the country.

If it isn’t amnesty, why does it forgive and forget the illegal status of these immigrants (mind you, amnesty and amnesia have the same root)? Why does it only apply to illegals? Why does it favor them to other immigrants?

The fact that the border will be left just as porous as it is now is also a major selling point for the president. The bill’s phony “triggers” for border security were discussed in one of my earlier columns. At most, what we have to deal with is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) securing the border, and then another agency to be created if it fails.

No word yet on what happens when the second agency fails. And why wouldn’t it? Let’s ask Arizona when was it last that Obama gave the impression that he cared about border security.

Rubio isn’t even trying to hide this anymore. “First comes the legalization,” he said to Univision, “Then come the measures to secure the border. And then comes the process of permanent residence.”

So what we have is a legalization-first plan that leaves it up to the Obama administration and DHS to secure the border. President Obama’s support for the bill should’ve tipped you off before I told you any of this.

We have a real problem here:

— 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants could be given amnesty. Many of them will end up receiving state welfare, and their American-born children can collect federal benefits on their behalf.

— Once legalized, most of those who vote will become loyal Democrats (and so will their children. For the importance of that see here.).

— Big Business will have an abundance of cheap labor and workers to exploit with low wages. Plus, since these immigrants will be barred from receiving Obamacare, they will be more competitive than you or I who require those benefits.

— If we’re not willing to pay attention to who is let into the country, are we not increasing the chances of admitting immigrants like those who attacked us at the Boston marathon, Virginia Tech and Fort Hood?

The Republican reaction to all this has been a headache. Plenty senators have signed on to the bill. Rubio supporters have been incapable of handling criticism of the bill, treating him like sainted Obama and denouncing his challengers as activists. I think America should just change its motto to Don’t chide the brown guy.

It’s understandable that the corporate worshippers in the party support the bill, but why the rest? Someone needs to ask them: why would Obama sign his name to a plan that wasn’t amnesty or had a significant chance of securing the border?

If it were a bill good for Republicans and the country, why would he support it?

Kieth Fierro

Keith Fierro | California State University at Fullerton | @kjfierro