Former presidential nominee Mitt Romney has a new addition to the family, a beautiful baby boy adopted by his son, Ben, and his daughter-in-law, Andelynne.  Like any typically proud grandfather, he made the announcement of his 22nd grandchild to the world via Twitter.  But there is one slight problem:  Mitt Romney’s grandson is black.

In accordance to the vile diatribe spewed by the Left, rich, white Republicans have no business adopting black babies.  Although Mitt Romney’s run for president has long been over, comments from the Left on the child’s adoption imply that Romney’s family is simply trying to improve his image among black Americans by adopting a black baby:




Will someone tell these people that Mitt Romney’s campaign ended back in November of 2012!

It is not just Twitter users attacking the Romney family.  TheGrio, an adjunct of MSNBC and a news source popular amongst black Americans, recently published an article titled “Mitt Romney reveals adopted black grandson, name translates to ‘little dark one’”.  In the article, writer Kunbi Tinuoye makes the case for subtle racism by making the meaning of Romney’s grandson’s name Kieran, a widely popular name in Ireland which means “black” or “little dark one,” the focal point of his article.

While we are all tribal by nature (i.e. oriented around the family unit), the problem with referring to blacks as a collective (e.g., the black community) and not as individuals is that a mob mentality can be formed against those outside of the community. In this case, the Romney family’s recent adoption is the target of that mentality.  When a white family in the public eye adopts a black baby, blacks feel the need inject their input as if their approval is needed simply because the baby is black.  The baby is not an individual, but is—-was–-a part of the black community, and has now been sabotaged by a man who is a part of a political party who would (in their thinking) like nothing more than to see the demise of the black community as a whole.

Given the disturbing fact that well over fifteen million black babies have been aborted or left to die after a botched abortion, one would think that the black community would view this child’s happy beginning in life as something to be celebrated.  But, apparently, the adoption of a black baby by a family of white Republicans is something far more heinous than the demise of the forty million who face death each year.


Atarah Golden | Cecil College | @AtarahGolden