Vice President Joe Biden recently made the mistake of opening his mouth to speak once again. This time, rather than making one of his classic gaffes, he simply asserted a rather offensive accusation. According to the Washington Times, He stated that Tea Party conservatives are the biggest impediment to progress in America. That means the vice president places the Tea Party above failing schools, high crime rates, an unstable economy, and a 7.3% unemployment rate on the list of things impeding progress in America.

The sentiment is nothing new from the left, but in this particular situation the vice president was speaking before the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s’ Leadership Forum. He made no secret of his belief that the Tea Party is trying to squash the rights of women.

He told the group that, “Everything you worked for and the progress we have made is literally in jeopardy if we lose seats in the Senate and if we don’t gain seats in the House.” He went on to say that the single most important thing to do, for the sake of the collective agenda, is to win back the House.

Whose collective agenda are you speaking of, Mr. Vice President? Women? Well, as a woman let me tell you that I proudly dissent from your twisted thought process.

There are very few things that anger me quite as much as when the left evokes their “war on women” rhetoric. As a woman, why would I choose to align myself with a movement that hates me? I would have to be stupid to do so. Perhaps that’s what the vice president thinks, that because I am a conservative woman I am stupid. If that’s the case, then I resent that.

But here’s my question: does this conservative-fueled war on women exist? Have I somehow missed a civil rights issue that supposedly directly effects me? No, not only is Mr. Biden’s claim insulting, it is also inaccurate. The Tea Party is far from hostile to women. In fact, The Tea Party has supported a variety of females including Nikki Haley, Sarah Palin, and Katrina Pierson, just to name a few. It should also go without saying that the principles the Tea Party wishes to protect are principles that apply to all Americans, not just men. Women benefit from job creation, lower taxes, government transparency and protection of civil liberties in exactly the same ways men do.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, this isn’t really about women at all for them. Rather, it’s about control. If the left can keep women believing that the right hates them, then they can rest assured the gender gap will continue to grow. They are desperately trying to convince American women that if they elect conservatives they might wake up after Election Day stripped of their right to vote and kicked out of the workplace. It’s absurd, and it’s simply a tool to distract from their ideological weaknesses. It’s a lot easier to cry prejudice thank to take a good hard look at the issues they are losing on. When this administration doesn’t want to deal with the economy, Obamacare’s unpopularity, or their refusal to compromise, they shift the conversation to whatever is easiest to sell or whatever is most likely to rile up an emotion-driven response.

Sure Mr. Vice President, I’ll accept the notion that you are fighting for a collective agenda, but it is not the collective agenda of women. It is the collective agenda of the left; it’s the collective agenda of those willing to sacrifice honesty for votes.

Has anyone else noticed how the majority of left leaning political advertising that targets women deals with abortion, free birth control or other so called “reproductive rights”? The left is not doing women any favors. In fact, they are sending a loud and clear message: “The only issues you should care about are those referring to your body. We know what’s best for you, and if you should choose to speak out against us, well, take a look at Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin and see what we might say about you.”

I’m fed up with the notion that a woman is a traitor to her fellow females if she dares to support jobs over government funding for abortions, or a secure economy over free birth control. As a woman, I don’t need the government to fix my problems. I would much rather work hard and be my own solution. The reality is that we are not weak and we don’t need anyone to fight a fabricated “war” on our behalf.