Speaker of the House John Boehner recently appointed a select committee in order to investigate the security issues surrounding the Benghazi scandal. The attack, which took place just over a year ago, still leaves many questions unanswered, mainly because President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and Press Secretary Jay Carney spent months regurgitating the same false story. The attacks in Libya resulted in the death of four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.

After months of scrutiny from the media and Americans across the nation, the Obama administration finally began to admit that terrorism was involved because the CIA had revealed in reports that they were aware of Islamist training camps in Benghazi and recommended additional security to the embassy. So why were the requests for extra security denied?

Put simply: politics.

The Obama administration and liberal media have been over-sympathizing with Islamic extremism for many years now, and they wanted to give off the impression that the United States is the problem, not terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda.  But what is so unbelievable is that the administration actually believed they could get away with covering up the scandal with the excuse of an internet video.

How could anyone be so ignorant to believe that covering up the terrorist actions of Islamic extremist groups would help the United States gain favor with them? And a better question: why would we want to gain favor with terrorist groups?  Meanwhile, the terrorists themselves sit laughing at our incompetence, because they do not differentiate between liberals, conservatives, libertarians, green party activists, or anyone else. They simply hate Americans.

I cringe at the naivety displayed when liberals passionately call for increased rights of GITMO detainees or whine about the mistreatment of terrorists in foreign countries. What is unfortunate is that these terrorists liberals try so desperately to protect are harming and killing thousands of other Muslims, often civilians, including children. It’s alarming how many Americans are ignorant of the statistics.

Why Americans–including our own political leaders–continue to downplay Islamic terrorism is beyond me.


Elizabeth Marcello | William & Mary | @eliz_mariah