They were burning human flesh for heat.

I want you to stop for a moment and let the immensity of that statement sink in. This isn’t a story line from a thriller or an episode of American Horror Story. This is real life.

It has been confirmed that over 15,000 fetal remains were burned over the last two years by National Health Service’s in Great Britain. This was all part of a “waste-to-energy” plan. Essentially, the bodies of aborted or miscarried babies were burned along with the day’s waste and used to heat hospitals.

Waste-to-energy program. Waste. A human soul has not only demeaned to the point of being referred to as lifeless but now he or she is placed in the same category as things you would throw in the trash, all in the name of green energy production. When did the desire to be the greenest and most energy-efficient trump the understanding that human life is precious? When did the insistent need to preserve the earth undermine the innate desire to protect the innocent?

If the idea of burning aborted infants causes you to feel queasy, you need to think about what has happened, and how people have responded. The NHS has assured news sources that the practice has been banned. But why? Why ban this practice, but still carry on with abortions? If a fetus is not a life, but rather a clump of cells or a growth to be removed, then what is it that makes this story so revolting? That’s a question that a lot of abortion supporters are probably not prepared to answer.

Regardless of whether or not you identify as pro-choice or pro-life, I hope I can assume that you are not for the burning of human flesh.

There is a moral disconnect between being horrified by this story and openly supporting the practice of killing unborn babies. That disconnect is the reason the media isn’t going to spend a lot of time on this story (even though it deserves to be on the front cover of every newspaper). It’s the same reason the media section of the Gosnell trial was all but empty, save for a lone pro-life blogger. You see, as soon as this story reaches people and makes their stomachs turn in pure disgust, it’s only a short journey to realizing the true barbarism that is abortion.

But perhaps even more disturbing than the overwhelming media negligence of this story is what it says about the state of humanity. This problem goes far deeper than the sickening abominations that occurred under the watch of the NHS. This is a culture problem, a moral problem.

To be clear, not all the incinerated babies were aborted. Many of them were also miscarried. Further, the parents of these babies were often not informed of what the body of their child would be used for. Cathryn Hurley, a woman who miscarried her child, said that “When I asked the nurse what would happen to my baby she said it would be incinerated with the rest of the days waste, that was really hard to hear because to me it wasn’t the rest of the days waste, it was my baby.”

Cathryn and other parents were understandably distraught to learn what became of their babies and I doubt a sane soul in this world wouldn’t mourn alongside them for their loss. We mourn for the miscarried baby because society accepts it not as a fetus but as a child. What’s the difference between a miscarried baby and an aborted one? One is wanted and the other is not. We live in a society that allows the worth of a human soul to be dependent on whether or not it is desired. We are allowing humans to determine what constitutes a life and what does not, even if the two are developmentally identical.

Cathryn wasn’t given a choice regarding what happened to her child, because that’s how socialized medicine works. Want to talk about pro-choice? Cathryn was pro-choice: she wanted a say in what happened to the body of her baby. That random woman standing outside the Supreme Court in a mob of protestors, shouting her argument that Hobby Lobby is infringing on her rights, is not pro-choice. She is spoiled. She doesn’t understand what she’s fighting against. She is fighting against liberty, against individuality, and, ultimately, against choice. She lives in a country that has granted her such an abundance of rights that she cannot even understand how the political ideology she supports could take them all away if it ever wished to do so. She has become spoiled by freedom, and she has forgotten what it means to truly want to choose and be denied the right to do so.

No one cares about the individual in a socialized system. They care about the “collective agenda,” as the left adoringly calls it. They don’t care about the grieving woman who lost her child; rather, they care about heating a hospital for a little bit cheaper. They don’t care about the family behind Hobby Lobby who may be forced to either go against their personal convictions or close their private businesses. They don’t care about anything that doesn’t benefit the system, that doesn’t further their agenda. And their agenda can change– which is a reality that the woman protesting Hobby Lobby has likely never allowed herself to ponder.

That’s what socialized medicine is. It’s a system that sounds mutually beneficial for all parties, but it isn’t. Pro-choice? There is none in a fully socialized system. You want to go to a certain doctor? Sorry we want you to go to a different one. You really think the treatment you have is working? Well here, try another one. You want to control what happens to the child you lost? Sorry, we have a hospital to heat.

It is a cruel and it is a ruthless system that victimizes the innocent and obliterates choice.