The fact that Hillary Clinton is supremely unqualified for the office of President of the United States is obvious, and becomes more so by the day. Even the pundits and politicos at MSNBC fail to offer anything of substance other than the fact that she has traveled… a lot.

Hillary Clinton has failed to achieve anything of substance or significance on her own, through her own efforts, with her own views and ideas. Bill Clinton was her means of achieving the status of First Lady of the United States. Senators Patrick Moynihan, Chuck Schumer, and Ted Kennedy greased the skids for her run to the Senate, and Barack Obama’s appointment of of her to the office of Secretary of State positioned her to be a player on the global stage.

Her performance as Secretary of State has been just short of disastrous. Bolstering Obama’s own naive and obtuse misunderstanding of international politics and flawed concept of global relationships, Clinton – like a proverbial scapegoat – was tasked by the president with the vaunted efforts to “reset” the strained relationship with Russia and rebuild the damaged global perception and reputation of America. In these she has failed miserably.

America’s relationship with Russia has not been this stressed since the Cold War. Fed in large part by American weakness and European obsolescence, Russian aggression in Ukraine has contributed to increasing instability in the region and strained relations between the Eurozone and Russia.

While President Obama’s Cairo speech in June of 2009 was meant to create “A New Beginning” and mend the United States’ relations with the Muslim world, America’s global reputation has declined with each passing year of the Obama administration, nowhere more so than in the Middle East. Clinton’s primary mission to help paper over the perceived distance between America and Islam was nothing but abject failure. The disastrously abortive Arab Spring set numerous nations aflame, leading to violent uprisings shattering nations across the region, worsening the strain between the government of Israel and authorities in Palestine, and setting the stage for increasingly larger roles played by China and Russia in the region.

On Obama and Clinton’s inept and incompetent watch, the handling of the situation has descended into chaos and escalating violence. Syria is now in the midst of a civil war, entering its third year with over 100,000 killed. Egypt overthrew Hosni Mubarak only to see the Muslim Brotherhood take over, leading to a military coup as Coptic Christians were slaughtered in the streets. Libya overthrew Muammar Gaddafi, opening the door for forces allied with Al-Qaeda to destroy the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, where Ambassador Chris Stevens and three members of the compound staff were murdered, when security concerns and warnings raised by the ambassador fell on the Secretary of State’s deaf ears, leading to this exchange during the Senate hearing on the Benghazi debacle:

Clinton’s record as both a Senator and as Secretary of State shows little of actual, positive consequence. Rather, it demonstrates much of the blinkered ineptitude evinced by a member of the leftist, privileged elite. The problems faced by the nations of the world require an America with a strong, steady, rational hand, and a clear-eyed focus on the national interest, unencumbered by failed, fantastic notions of reality and misguided, foundered concepts. Hillary is not ready. Thankfully, America is not ready for Hillary.

Vladimir Davidiuk | University at St. Thomas | @VladDavidiuk