Over the past few years, the Republican Party has been plagued with accusations of conducting a “war on women,” leading many uninformed voters to believe that conservatives hold preference to men and simply do not care about women. I’ve written before about how this perpetuation only defames women, portraying us as victims rather than individuals who can take care of ourselves, as I believe every responsible human being should do.

Despite the fervent enthusiasm of liberals in conducting their war against the GOP, it seemed that us conservatives were making some progress in counteracting the liberal agenda with rational arguments as to why this “war” simply doesn’t exist. Maybe my liberal peers didn’t agree with my policy preferences, but they at least were beginning to respect the fact that I have opinions and stand for them. (As I’ve said before, this is the embodiment of a true feminist.) As a conservative who is actively engaged in politics, I am constantly vigilant and preparing for biased media onslaughts attacking the GOP and its policies. What I’m finding as of late, however, is that one of the biggest detriments to the GOP is actually a faction of the party itself.

I want to note in advance that I fully respect every individual’s right to their own opinions and right to free speech. This concept is, of course, a cornerstone of the United States Constitution which I believe to be one of the smartest, most adequately planned documents in the history of the world. That being said, I also have the right to passionately disagree with certain members of the Republican Party: the members that believe a woman should not serve as President of the United States.

Back during the race for the GOP nomination, a staffer for candidate Rick Santorum implied that it would be against God’s will to have a female president. More recently, even Bill O’Reilly (whom I have the utmost admiration for and will credit with inciting my participation in politics), wondered that “There’s gotta be some downside to having a woman president, right? Something. Something that may not ‘fit’ with that office.”

In fairness, O’Reilly brought up a legitimate point about dealing with certain Muslim leaders who don’t have respect for women in general, and how that might lead to negotiating troubles in an international situation. That being said, Bill, I still disagree. 

What’s even more harmful to the GOP are the regular folks on the ground. I’ve actually heard it more often from females than males, and these women truly believe that females should not be president.

Some people cite estrogen and female hormones as evidence for the argument against having a female president, but I would like to point out the existence of testosterone. By asserting that certain hormones are detrimental to a woman’s ability to lead, you are attacking the female gender. Remember: men and women both have hormones.

The notion that men are always more aggressive and women are always more docile is ridiculous. A woman can be equally as assertive and commanding as a man given the need to do so. Conversely, a man can be equally as diplomatic and reserved as a woman as the situation requires. There are women who I believe would be excellent presidents. There are also women who I believe would fail in every single way. I believe the same for men: certain individual males would serve our nation honorably while others are far too incompetent. 

The ability to effectively lead the nation in the office of the president has nothing to do with gender; rather, it is the specific person and his OR her ability to manage all aspects of the job. Those individuals within the GOP who adhere to this outdated and false philosophy not only hurt the party internally, but they also weaken its external image and public platform.

These outdated notions also offend me personally, as they directly interfere with my own plans to run for for office in the future. So if you’d like to formally reject the idea that women cannot be president, join me in my campaign for office in 2032. I would greatly appreciate the support.