Thinking about hosting a graduation party for your child? Want to hold a club meeting at your house? Thinking about having a bunch of family and friends over for no other reason than to enjoy each others’ company? Think again, especially if you live in Farifax County, Virginia. A new zoning proposal for the county would limit “‘group assembly’ at residences to 49 people a day.” Furthermore, “Such gatherings ‘shall not occur more frequently than three times in any 40-day period.'”

What would prompt such a proposal? A total of six complaints. Last year, six complaints of this “group assembly” were filed with the Department of Code Compliance, accounting for less than one percent of the thousands of grievances they receive. This is yet another example of the government overstepping its duties and infiltrating the private lives of the citizens. How could this proposal seem acceptable to anyone caring for the rights of citizens?

The government has become involved in every aspect of our lives. Michelle Obama and her healthy lunch crusade began by forcing students to put fruit on their plates (which many then throw out), followed by the implementation of only whole-grain foods, and putting maximum limits on protein; incidentally, students have complained of being hungry, prompting the USDA to rear back on some of its requirements. Our freedom of assembly and food choices have been interfered with, but what else? Religion.

Unfortunately, religious rights have been increasingly violated elsewhere in the United States, even in our military. Luckily, some common sense remains, evident by the fact that the Supreme Court refused to approve a ban on prayer at board meetings in a New York town. Nonetheless, organizations like the ACLJ, committed to defending the right of our military men and women to “engage in religious expression”, must remain to zealously fight encroaching liberal agendas.  Members of society today are so caught up with their individual ideologies that they believe overstepping constitutional rights is worth the furthering of their policy preferences.

Big brother needs to take a step back. This is only a shortlist of grievances. Our government, from the local to national level, is becoming more intrusive and heading towards fascism. Edmund Burke once famously said “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” Do we need to be reminded of the rise of the Nazis in Germany? Their rise in power began with the attack on basic freedoms, including the right to assembly.

“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history.” -Aldous Huxley