This article was originally published on June 21, 2013.

If you have not been paying attention to the current crisis surrounding student loans, you should be. In less than two weeks, the interest on student loans are about to double – yes, double – from 3.4% to 6.8%. This is greatly concerning for both the next generation’s collegians as well as current students;  the whole concept of post high school education appears even more bleak.

According to Democrat Charles Schumer, student loans are a “messaging winner for Democrats.” However, reality would dictate that this is not a winning issue for Democrats, as they are not united. Currently, the Senate Democrats and The White House aren’t even on the same page, as seen in the debate that happened last Thursday between Sen. Elizabeth “Cherokee” Warren and Republican Richard M. Burr. When Burr proposed the White House plan, Senator Warren was up in arms and instead offered up her own plan. Her plan is simple-ish: “offer them the Federal Reserve’s discount rate offered to big banks, currently, .75%, to students.”

If this is such a big issue, then why are Democrats not united behind their curtain of greater good under the guise of guaranteeing college diplomas for everyone?  In reality, the issue being brought forth to the American public is an artificially created crisis, engineered by years of big government profiteering off of those young citizens looking for financial aid as part of that well-managed “a college degree for everyone” campaign.  (Funny: this sounds a lot like the progressive “chicken in every pot” campaign masked as a salvation agenda during the Depression.)

Now that the bubble is facing the possibility of being popped, the Democrats have turned on damage control. The media won’t tell you this. And somewhere along the way, the Republican pro-business approach will be blamed.

Rather than trying to fix the problem, Democrats are planning on letting the loans double… and are doing so in an alarmingly quiet fashion. We know this because so many of them have voted against Sen. Tom Coburn’s proposed solution: S. 1003, “Comprehensive Student Loan Protection Act.” Don’t believe it? Let’s look at some examples of what’s unfolding before our very eyes.

North Carolina Democrat Senator Kay Hagan: “Our Students can’t afford anymore debt.” Yet, she voted against Coburn’s act. She’s not the only one:  Democrats Begich, Landrieu, Braley, Peters, Udall, and Franken all expressed their intentions to reform the student loan mess, yet they all voted against the reform bill.

And has anyone paid attention to the incentives for student loan reduction if you are a federal employee? (Translation: if you keep building the machine, your loans will be paid off by the government.) But I digress.

The bigger issue here is: where is the media? How will the spin be on July 1st when interest rates double and the Democrats are to blame? Hint: the GOP will be blamed and the Democrats will likely hold onto the majority of young voters. Despite the obvious that the Democrats are pushing younger people more and more onto the Government dole.  Just know, this was coming and you read it here first.

Ultimately, this should not be a shocker to anyone and it isn’t to me. Basic political calculations tell me there is a ton of time left to sweep an issue underneath the carpet and blame the GOP for yet another Democrat failure. This is a perfect example of big government seeking friendships and political alliances with each other as long as an election isn’t coming up. When father Schumer says one thing, the whole caucus falls in line – unless the polls tells them not to.

This should scare you as it reveals the very transformation of civil servanthood into a government that is power drunk. When the Republic was originally established, the duty of the representatives was to put their constituents ahead of themselves – hence the term “civil servant.” Their job was to be statesmen who protect the people’s rights and well-being. Instead, we have seen a moral, ecological and structural reconstruction of the role of our representatives senators, using the issue du jour as a volleyball to advance their agenda.

A job which was once designed to put the people first at the expense of the government’s servitude is quickly being re-shaped into a system where the people are at the mercy of the government’s decisions and are financially obligated to foot the bill, without fair representation.

“Taxation Without Representation,” does it ring a bell?