Fox News has once again become the focus of left-wing mockery, as Fox was forced to apologize for misstatements made regarding Muslims in England and France. These mistakes took the form of mentioning the existence of “no-go zones,” areas where tourists, white Europeans, civil, medical personnel, and police authorities are not welcome.  These areas are invariably inhabited by Muslims of a peculiar stripe. Whereas immigrant ghettos in America were places were new immigrants would begin the process of adapting to their new country, Muslim ghettos in Europe are places where they stay the same as in the old country. It is in these places that the political religion of Islam takes root in Western lands.

To many in the West, the idea of Muslim ghettos may seem strange, but such places have existed for many years. The existence of such zones has been reported on for at least a decade. When this writer began to study Islam, he came across works like Londonistan, which served to outline the way in which Muslims in London have created zones where only Muslims are welcome. This has since happened in formerly English cities as Birmingham and Liverpool, where large swathes of neighborhood are become an unwelcoming ghetto. London has seen the creation of sharia patrols, groups of young Muslims men who walk the streets at night enforcing their own religious creeds upon the public. The French government has invented a euphemism to refer to such areas, calling them “Sensitive Urban Zones.” This only serves to heighten the way in which the civil government has lost control of the chunks of its own territory. This situation has not gone unreported, as one may see here, here, here , and here.

Fox News has committed the egregious offense of publicly acknowledging a ghastly reality in Europe today: in major European countries, there are areas which are no longer under the direct rule of the national government. The French government only has nominal, not actual, control over the no-go zones in Paris. Neither does English common law hold sway in Muslim neighborhoods, where sharia courts are allowed to operate and sharia patrols walk the streets. When this author visited Germany a number of years ago, there were a list of cities he was advised not to visit. This was because the friends he stayed with were in the military, and the US Army had issued a list of towns which were best avoided by Americans.

Despite the fact that Fox News has said that they misstated the location of several no-go zones, and apologized for stating that no-go zones exist at all, that has not stopped the networks detractors from attacking it and those who supported its reporting. The City of Paris is supposedly going to file a lawsuit against the news organization. After supporting the claims of Fox News, Louisana governor Bobby Jindal was also slammed. One news source even maintains, against all evidence, that the term “no-go zone” only entered use a short time ago.

Still, we must ask: why has this brought such derision from the Left? They are driven to deny the existence of Muslim no-go zones because, if such zones exist, then there is something wrong with Islamic societies and Islam as a religion. If there is something wrong with Islam then the progressive vision of society is endangered. According to the Left, there is nothing which is not the fault of Western, white men, and the West as a whole must pay the price. French author Pascal Bruckner has written, “The conclusion is that our very existence is an insult to the human race. We have only one duty–to wipe ourselves off the face of the earth. The future of the West is self-destruction.”  Discussion of the no-go zones is an affront to their narrative, in which all Third-World peoples are benighted victims of Western wickedness.

These no-go zones serve to exacerbate the problems which Muslims face in the West. They preserve old tribal loyalties, as well as an idea of honor which is foreign to the West. When your entire life is made up of the social system of the Muslim ghetto, what else can you turn to when you become an adult? European schools, at least in England, seem to have forsaken an idea of passing along a heritage, and content themselves with repeating the empty pieties of multiculturalism.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect is not the loss of authority (that being the will and right to use power), but the loss of loyalty to a nation. A nation is a community built upon common loyalties: whether the idea of France, the ideals of the American Founding, the myth of the Third Rome or a Middle Kingdom mythos, there must be some binding ideas at the heart of the vast community which we call a nation. Without such ideas to stir the sentiments of loyalty, there can be no nation.

And if you think that no-go zones are far away, think again.