Last week the History Channel ran a three part, six hour, miniseries entitled “Sons of Liberty” the show sometimes took factual departures, but nevertheless it was an entertaining take on the early part of the Revolution. After watching the series, as a conservative I can not help but think of how we have gone from courageous men such as Sam and John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Joseph Warren who would lose his life in the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 after he was shot in the head, to the leaders we have today.

Today we have leaders who think they know how socially engineer society by telling us what kind of health care we should have, by mandating what type of light bulbs we can have, to how big sodas can be, to enabling the government to manage how you landscape your own private property. In the Revolutionary era of American History there was “Taxation without Representation.” Today a segment of the population has voted self money and there is “Representation without Taxation”

If Obama and the Democrats have run the Titanic into the iceberg, the Republicans are focusing their energy on rearranging the deck chairs. The Republican Party establishment and its supporters do little to reduce the size of the federal government, some even actively promote the expansion of it; the before mentioned light bulb ban was in part co-authored by Michigan Republican Fred Upton. The Bush administration expanded the welfare state and the Bush administration did little to nothing to stop increases in domestic spending. The Republicans are just as willing to secure the border as the Democrats are, that is to say: not willing at all. The congressional Republican leadership preemptively surrenders the Constitutionally provided power of the purse; thus showing an lack of seriousness about high levels of government spending. The Republicans also appear more than willing to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General, Lynch who has defended Obama’s executive breach of the seperation of powers, has said that the CIA’s interrogation techniques equated to torture, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham even said that her support for partial birth abortion should not disqualify her from serving as Attorney General.

Clearly, we as a country have fell a long way since the Revolution and the Founding. Progressive icon Woodrow Wilson made clear his detest for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Woodrow Wilson believed the Declaration to be outdated and useless to the modern times and believed in the “living Constitution” because of the constraints they put on the government. The Republicans may not be as aggressive in expanding the role of the government but, they are complacent, when the conservative wing of the party tries to influence the national political scene they do their best to defeat them.

“I think we are going to crush them” was not said by Barack Obama, or Nancy Pelosi, or even Harry Reid but, instead was said by the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell when referring to the Tea Party.

One of the last scenes in the History Channel Series was the British evacuating Boston, and the citizens throwing a party as if the war was over, George Washington then stated the sad but obvious truth that the war was only just beginning. If the Republican Party thinks that simply passing the Keystone Pipeline or repealing Obamacare’s medical device tax is going to save the Republic, then they are profoundly wrong. The British evacuating Boston in March 1775 was great but, just as the Keystone Pipeline would be wise to approve the Republicans have to do more than approve the construction of a pipeline or if that the medical device tax will fix Obamacare that is also a profoundly incorrect assessment, Washington and his army did not even fire a single shot and the British Army would go on to capture New York, the Americans would not see a big moral booster until Christmas 1776 when Washington crossed the Delaware and defeating the Hessian garrison completely off guard on the morning of December 26.

On October 17, 1781 the fighting stage of the war effectively ended at the British surrender at Yorktown. The war officially ended in 1783 after the Treaty of Paris and the long war for independence was over. The Sons of Liberty had and have been justified in their fight against the Crown, now the question is whether we will continue the good fight against big government or whether we will throw in with the Beltway mindset because the ruling class to day are not Sons of Liberty they are Sons of something else, whether that be the Democrats and the Sons of Government Control or the Republican Establishment being Sons of Timidity, or worse.