It is a fallacy that we learn morals by argument and reason. We learn what is moral from what we see around us, and what we are taught when we are young. We learn through example. The American Founders looked back to the noble men of Greece and Roman, recorded in Plutarch’s Lives. Men like Cicero, Cato, Brutus and Numa were among those they admired. It was not for nothing that the Federalist Papers were signed with the nome de plume Publius. Christians look back to the moral examples of Jesus, Paul, Augustine, Luther and Wesley. Jews admire Maimonedes, Akiva and the Chofetz Chayim.

We may know a man’s character by the followers he inspires. Jesus of Nazareth inspired Aquinas, Luther and Wesley, launched a hundred moral crusades to bring an end to slavery, learning to those who were ignorant, and charity to a world in need. The American Founders continue to inspire American patriots, from John Randolph of Roanoke and Abraham Lincoln, to Russell Kirk and the recently deceased Harry Jaffa. While no man’s moral example is wholly perfect, men of greatness will inevitably tend to inspire others. This is not due, so much, to the things they taught, since few men actively teach. But it is because of the ideals which great men serve to embody. They are admired because we see them as having been the living exemplars of great ideas.

This last Sunday we have born witness to another man’s moral example being played out across an Internet video. The example of Muhammad is alive and well, as his followers beheaded 21 Egyptian Copts on a Libyan beach. (Be warned, the video is disturbing and graphic.) This follower a series of vicious attacks by Muhammad’s followers. The Charlie Ebdo shooting, the beheading of a Japanese journalist, and the live immolation a of Jordanian pilot, all bear witness to this man’s awful legacy.

What are we to make of these awful things, being done in the name of Allah, and his prophet, Muhammad? I think we must believe that Allah is a god more bloodthirsty than Kali, and darker than any Aztec deity. And what of his Prophet?

For Muslims, Muhammad is the perfect man, al-Insan al-Kamil, the ideal which all faithful Muslims must follow. It is open to debate whether Muslim sources about Muhammad are trustworthy, and even whetehr Muhammad ever existed, but whatever the truth of the matter, Muslims have compiled many things which they believe to hold the Prophet’s words and deeds. In all of them, Muhammad is shown to have been a man of the savage Arabian desert tribes. Greedy for wealth, lustful after women, willing to have anyone killed who criticized him, and willing to commit slaughter with his own hands.

In the latest ISIS video, his followers have shown themselves to be faithful to his example. Their video bears the title “A Message Signed with Blood, To the Nation of the Cross,” with the caption, “The people of the Cross, followers of the hostile Egyptian church”  line Copts up, force them to their knees. One shot shows a Copt silently praying. ISIS barbarians then push the Copts onto their stomachs and behead them with knives. The spokesman declares that they will conquer Rome, with Allah’s permission. He promises to uncover bin Laden’s tomb, and mix our blood with it.

This chills the blood, and should make us realize what we are fighting against. We do not fight against  against the dispossessed and the desperate. We do battle with an idea, an idea which degrades men to the most savage of deeds and cruelest of acts. Solzhenitsyn wrote that even the greatest murders of old only slew a few, because they did not have ideology, which lets men kill each other and call it moral. What Solzhenitsyn did not know, was that Muhammad outdid Marxism by 12 centuries, and declared it moral to slay the unbeliever, wherever you find him. If we judge a leader by those he inspires by his actions, then we must conclude that Muhammad is among the most barbaric and evil men to have ever lived. That his followers commit murder should come as no surprise, their “Prophet” himself did so!  This man this…so-called “Prophet,” has left a legacy of blood, which his followers continue to spill. For the first time in centuries, the Mediterranean runs red with blood shed by the sons of Allah and the followers of Muhammad.