Last week, I came across a headline that read “U.S. Declassifies Israeli Nuclear Program.” This issue is beginning to make me question the definition of the word “ally.” I could believe that the United States is England or Canada’s ally, but now, I could not possibly believe that the United States is a friend to Israel unless it was opposite day.  Our government’s actions raise a host of questions regarding America’s relationship with Israel and our role in the Middle East. And this latest development is after the debacle with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress that denounced the administration’s proposed deal with Iran.

Don’t be surprised if this story hasn’t risen to the surface and made the front page. Liberal news outlets like Media Matters are releasing stories that either bag the issue or avoid altogether. Media Matters‘ coverage consisted of an article titled “Conservative Media’s Fantasy That Obama Leaked Info On Israel’s Nuclear Capabilities.” I suppose the meaning of fantasy is different now, too, as I was able to find the link online without much trouble.

Regardless, Lis Power at Media Matters goes on in the article to blame the Bush administration and justify the move with a drawn out legal case. She cites a January 8 article from the Washington Examiner that explained the “long legal battle for the release of the report due to a FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] request by Grant Smith, writing, ‘Defense officials are fighting a three-year-old request under the Freedom of Information Act to release a 1987 report supposedly discussing Israel’s nuclear technology.’” In this same Examiner article, it indicates that the Department of Defense asked the Israelis to review the report before its release, but they are not obligated to respond.

Grant Smith, the requester of the FOIA, “is an activist who heads a radical anti-Israeli group,” according to Breitbart. His institute for research hosts an annual anti-Israel conference that featured anti-Semitic and pro-Islamist speakers. Clearly, he has good intentions for our closest ally in the Middle East.

To be fair, Israel did release information regarding President Obama’s talks with Iran. But this is no way to diplomatically retaliate. A response like this is nowhere close to fair. Joe Cunningham at Red State angrily remarked that the President revealed “the type of information that empowers, emboldens, and enables ours and Israel’s enemies to begin a nuclear arms race.” He goes on to claim that not only is this charge classless, it is also hostile. It is hostile becausethe report contained technological assessments of several nations. All but Israel appeared to have been blacked out.”

It is exactly this kind of behavior that is causing the world to hold its breath in the fallout of the Iranian nuclear deal. Earlier in March, Prime Minister addressed the United States Congress, pleading for the United States to crack down on Iran and withhold this particular deal. We are now past the deadline, and the negotiating powers went “past [the] deadline into the wee hours of Wednesday, struggling to conclude an outline accord on Tehran’s nuclear program in the face of a U.S. threat to abandon the talks.” Those at Reuters reported on April 1 that these talks may continue until June 30, at which point Press Secretary Josh Earnest indicated our negotiators would certainly be out by then.

Where the Western powers expressed a desire to wrap up the talks, those in Tehran are willing to go as long as it takes. Iran’s negotiator, Hamid Baidinejad, is quoted in that same Reuters article, stating that “Iran does not want a nuclear deal just for the sake of having a deal, and a final deal should guarantee the Iranian nation’s nuclear rights.” This statement doesn’t beat around the proverbial bush: Iran’s whole goal in preserving these talks is maintaining its status as a rising nuclear power. But the United States and Israel already knew that. In his address to Congress, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that they needed this deal because it would allow them to keep their program.

As the United States is beginning to phase itself out of these talks, Congress is considering drafting a new set of sanctions. However, in his typical non-helpful fashion, President Obama has already promised to veto any further sanctions that Congress may approve. So I guess this is how President Obama demonstrates his “alliances.”