Voting and voting registration have always been susceptible to fraud, whether its dead people voting or having registration forms sent to pets.  Voter fraud cases have been one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, why many states have chosen to pass laws requiring voter identification and sought to clean up their voting rolls.  However, if you thought the left-wing outrage to Voter ID was bad, the latest left-wing idea on voting rights is worse: the left-wing city government in New York City is considering allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections.

Non-citizens voting is a terrible idea.  Support for the proposal is almost purely political: considering the fact that 80% of non-citizens lean Democratic, it provides Democrats more voters to consolidate their power.  Further, since New York City is obviously not some small town in the middle of nowhere, conferring voting rights on non-citizens could set off a domino effect across the country.

Regardless of its impact on party demographics, however, allowing non-citizens to vote would legalize what voter fraud makes illegal: the disenfranchising of the American voter.

Being a citizen should mean something.  Because we, the citizens of the United States, have a vested interest in what goes on in our country, we alone should have the right to say who are leaders should be.  The same doesn’t hold true for non-citizens.   Just because a guest might be staying at your house, for example, does not mean they start telling you how you run your own home.  Similarly, just because someone might pay taxes does not mean they have enough of an interest in our nation to influence American public policy.

Recent years have shown the left’s increasing desire to shrink American sovereignty whether it be delegating American foreign policy to the United Nations, the practical erasing of the Southern Border, or now the push to allow foreigners to influence American decision making.  Conferring rights on non-citizens that used to be understood to be for American citizens only diminishes what it means to be an American, a non-citizen very likely is nowhere near as familiar with American history or the American political system as an American citizen.

When a population goes to vote, they should a member of the jurisdiction they are voting for.  It makes no sense for an international student, somebody here for a job, or any other foreigner to vote because, eventually, they will go back home. Further, in some cases not all foreigners have our nation’s best interest at heart.   One of the false assumptions that some of the people who advocate for immigration reform is the assumption that everybody who comes into the country has noble intentions, like finding work or getting a better education.  However, there is a reason why foreigners cannot donate to candidates under campaign finance laws.  Somebody temporarily here for work or school might not have a vested interest in American affairs, and some might seek to undermine the country’s interests.

If one is not born in the United States, it is a privilege to be given the title of “Citizen of the United States.”   Being a citizen is not itself a right, and the rights granted exclusively to citizens should not be haphazardly be given out to non-citizens in order to feed the power hungry machine that is the Democratic Party.  For example, it is very possible that non-citizens were who gave former  Saturday Night Live comedian Al Franken his 312 vote election victory in Minnesota’s 2008 Senate race.  Franken would later be the 60th vote on Obamacare.  The idea that non-citizen voting might be responsible for Obamacare is almost as disheartening as when John Roberts cast the fifth vote to uphold it when Obamacare was before the Supreme Court.

American citizenship is already being diminished by the willingness of many politicians like those in New York who are willing to reward the lawlessness of being an illegal alien.  Simply raising your voice and demanding American citizenship does not mean you are entitled to be an American citizen or receive citizens’ rights.  Allowing non-citizens to help determine the future of the United States is another attack on the citizenry of the country.

If a non-citizen wants to have a voice in American politics they should go through the legal immigration process like so many have before.  Only then should they enjoy the rights granted to American citizens.