Are Millennials really more pro-choice?

Pro-choicers believe Millennials will bring in a new wave against pro-lifers. Little do they realize that recent research suggests that millennials are increasingly more pro-life than their parents’ generation. A Gallup poll found that 18- to 29-year-olds are now roughly tied with seniors (65+) as the most likely to oppose abortion in all circumstances.  That same poll found that 18- to 29-year-olds were also less likely than adults ages 30 to 64 to support abortion in all circumstances.

Many of the activists arguing that Millennials are more pro-choice are the same people that believe gay rights and abortion rights have traditionally gone hand in hand for our generation, but that has shown to not be the case. My generation of Millennials is thought of today to be more educated, largely because information is more readily available thanks to the internet and digital media. But even with that assumption, Millennials have not increased in support for abortion rights, even while gay rights have become better supported among the same generation. That is because the common understanding of sexuality is that it is at least somewhat physiologically or psychologically fixed. Gay people don’t necessarily choose to be gay, but having an abortion is a complete choice.

Another difference is that the gay rights movement has moved its priorities primarily to early conservative institutions. Gays want the opportunity to serve in the military, get married in churches, and even adopt children if they choose to do so. These are all family-friendly, traditional American values which have appealed to some of the conservative base. This appeal is especially true of Young Republican Millennials: Pew Research found that 61%  are fine with gay marriage because their priorities are fundamental conservative ethics. This is backed up by conservative presidential candidates like Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich, both of whom have said that they would attend a gay marriage if asked. Governor Scott Walker has even publicly stated that he has already been to a  gay wedding reception. Even with that all, these candidates have still strongly said they are still against abortions of any kind.

At the March for Life event in Washington D.C. this year, there were nearly half a million people who demonstrated peacefully for the rights of unborn children. To add on to that, three quarters of them were under the age of 25. Democrats assume that Millennials are naturally more liberal and less religiously affiliated than older generations.  However, given a choice on a topic, Millennials may very well choose more conservative values.  The Knights of Columbus released a survey about Millennials that showed overwhelming information against abortion. 59% of Millennials believe that abortion is something that is morally wrong. 64% say that the abortion rate is higher than it should be. 68% don’t want American taxpayer dollars to fund abortions.

The hypocrisy that many on the left displays on the issue of abortion is both highly entertaining and deeply troubling. On one hand, they believe that the death penalty should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Their basis for this argument is that life is something sacred, and capital punishment is barbaric. On the other hand, destroying innocent, unborn babies in the womb is justifiable. Human development begins from the moment of conception; in other words, the woman’s fertilized egg cell has its own unique DNA structure and immediately starts to form into a human body. A few weeks later, the fetus begins to have a heartbeat, brain cells, and other organs.  Soon after that, it is able to move. Don’t all us today have our own unique DNA complexion? Heartbeats? Ability to move? It is clear that during conception, a fetus is at least similar enough to a “real” human that abortion should make us concerned.

The left, faced with information like this, frequently starts into the argument that it should be legal because of unwanted pregnancies like rape and incest. In reality, less than 1% of abortions are due to these horribly violent and morally reprehensible acts. For me to argue that rape isn’t serious, or to claim that I know what it’s like for a woman to go through this, would be beyond ignorant on my part. However, the facts clearly show that this is only a very small percentage. Research has even further stated that many rape victims avoid abortion, not because they don’t want the child, but because they look to avoid further negative psychological effects.

Since the landmark 1972 decision in Roe v. Wade, over 57 million abortions have been conducted. That is more than the population of countries like Spain, Poland, and Canada. It should also be noted that “Roe,” whose actual name is Norma L. McCorvey from Dallas, Texas, is now a Roman Catholic and extremely active in the pro-life movement.

The left wing media has misinformed our generation on how to think, and why to think, certain things. This is not based on opinions but merely on facts. Most Millenials have not fallen for these tricks, and this shows with their growing support of the pro-life movement. One of the best Republican presidents we’ve ever had commented on this back in 1982, and it still should be appreciated today.

I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion is already born.

-Ronald Reagan