Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidate for president and GOP archenemy, showed a sign of feigned compliance with the law this week when she turned her private server that she used while Secretary of State over to the FBI for investigation. On Tuesday, August 11, seventeen House and Senate members from both parties were told about “top secret” information on Clinton’s server in a letter from the inspector general for the intelligence community, I. Charles McCullough III. This incident follows a string of battles over Clinton’s emails, which is quickly turning out to be a war of attrition.

Hillary’s emails took center stage during the congressional hearings on the fatal attack in Benghazi in 2012. On Tuesday, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), the chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, said in a statement: “For months the Select Committee on Benghazi has called on Secretary Clinton to turn over her server to a neutral, detached third party for independent forensic examination…She refused every entreat.” Hillary’s refusal is why this process has taken so long (the subpoena was issued in March.)  The excuse she gave for not turning over the emails is that they contained personal information, including private correspondence with her husband. This makes sense, considering she was using her private email for the sake of “convenience,” but it in no way justifies her threatening American security.

Clinton’s emails have become a somewhat overdone talking point for Republican presidential hopefuls, but a merited one nevertheless. This is far more serious than a matter of transparency and a willingness to work with the public. First, as Joel Pollack at Breitbart seems to indicate, this is an offense worthy of prison time. Here’s how he spells it out:

Clinton not only allegedly exchanged classified information via private e-mail, but also destroyed her emails before handing them over to the State Department before the government could determine for itself which were personal and which were job-related. That could constitute a felony, with a three-year prison sentence attached. And that is just the beginning of what is known.

Despite the seriousness of these violations, Hillary keeps campaigning on like none of this will affect her.  She treats government business as a haphazard affair to be subjected to her personal preferences, regardless of how that affects everyday Americans.  Decades of skating by on the prestige of her name has numbed her to the reality of her situation like the proverbial frog in the pot. The water is starting to get hotter, and it’s only a matter of time and information before the American public realizes Clinton is not good for this country. Well…maybe.

Why might people, despite all of Hillary’s failings, still support her?  One possibility: she’s still married to Bill, who serves as a reminder of the better times of the 1990s when we’d just beaten communism, the entire world didn’t hate us, and the economy wasn’t hopeless. Frankly, this seems like a poor reason to support her, given that the former president himself described their marriage as “a kind of 52-year pact.” Lots of love and devotion there, huh? Besides, as Fox News Correspondent Brit Hume so brilliantly asked, “do America — American people really want another four, eight years with the Clintons and their weird marriage?” I know I don’t.

Current Democratic polling indicates that Americans may be starting to sour on her as well, given that everyone’s favorite socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is beating her by 7 points in New Hampshire. Sanders is starting to present a real threat by offering radical (albeit impractical) solutions to problems Americans are feeling. He comes off as relevant, whereas Hillary comes off as outdated and carrying too much baggage. To be honest, I don’t really get her appeal, since it’s still not really clear what she’s actually accomplished while in politics. She’s just got her name, her past positions, and a ticket to any speaking gig she could possibly want.

Leadership in America is on the decline, and has been for about 100 years. The Clintons are a prime example: Bill is one conviction short of being a registered sex offender, and Hillary can’t seem to manage a simple email account. Media cover-ups and lies are only excuses for the real problem, Americans’ ignorance of our civic duties. In 2016, let’s get to the polls as informed voters, and change the tides in American leadership.