Whether it be for his stance on gun-control, his lack of political experience, his Judeo-Christian faith, or his view on an Islamic President, everything that Dr. Ben Carson says seems to be picked and prodded with a fine-tooth comb. Why is this one man, among the other 14 candidates, being so heavily scrutinized by our media?

In short: people don’t know what to think about Dr. Carson. He is a very public, very popular anomaly, and that scares people.

Unlike many of the other Presidential candidates, Dr. Carson has done nothing to warrant this kind of media abuse. This whole media fiasco began in an interview with Chuck Todd, when he was asked his opinion on an irrelevant and unprecedented situation of a Muslim candidate hypothetically running for president.

Since that interview, left-winged media has proven to be out of control. Last week demonstrated that many media figures have one sole purpose: to target and tear down the Republican party. Esquire magazine led the charge, publishing a classless article entitled, “Please Punch This Man In The Di**.” After making a brief statement that the best advocate for gun control probably isn’t the Oregon shooter’s father, Governor Bobby Jindal was targeted and exploited by the author of that vile article, Charles Pierce.

Thursday brought another classless attack on the GOP, this time targeting Dr. Ben Carson for his comments on gun-control. Instead of using intelligence to understand Dr. Carson’s historical point relating to the holocaust, the media blasted his words out of context. This led GQ magazine to join the hate parade by publishing an article titled “F*** Ben Carson” attacking Carson’s other gun control comments.

When a Presidential candidate puts their foot in their mouth, there is going to be undeniable consequences for those comments. This is especially true for the front-runners in the race, and throughout the last few months we have seen Donald Trump’s prejudicial comments and Carly Fiorina’s possibly fabricated comment relating to Planned Parenthood blasted on every news channel you can find. However, when you compare the other front-runners to Dr. Carson, there is something very different about him.

Like many other minorities like him, Dr. Carson was born into an inner-city life that could have ruined his future. He easily could have been just another statistic, but instead, he chose a different reality. He chose a road that would led him to become one of the most influential pediatric neurosurgeons of our time, and eventually one that would set him on the path to a 2016 Presidential candidacy.

He has strayed away from political games, even when other candidates try to bait-trap him. Despite the media’s twisted interpretation of his words and opinions, Dr. Carson will still apologize for any harm that he may have caused. That is what makes him different. That is what makes him genuine.

Instead of using Dr. Carson’s platform and character to uplift and encourage the inner-city community, the media targets him for his political, religious, and moral opinions–ones which he is rightfully entitled to–because they are not backed by the popular majority. Is he treated like the other candidates, and asked his opinion on Presidential issues such as foreign policy,  immigration, and tax reform? Not unless we are in the middle of a GOP debate. Instead, he is asked unprecedented “gotcha” questions to serve a left-winged agenda, and I for one am tired of it.

Dr. Carson is the last person that the media and other GOP candidates should be attacking. My advice for those attacking Dr. Ben Carson? Focus on issues that really matter, like America’s decline as a world power, Hillary Clinton’s criminal misconduct, and President Obama’s mess in the Middle East. That’ll give readers something new to think about.