It has been three years since the Benghazi attacks, yet the American people still do not have the answers we have been asking for. According to Bernie Sanders, “the American people are sick and tired of hearing about [Hillary Clinton’s] damned emails.”

Bernie is wrong. The American people are not sick and tired of hearing about the emails, we are sick and tired of hearing Clinton’s excuses regarding the emails. We are sick and tired of not hearing the truth about the emails. We are sick and tired of demanding an answer that seems like it will never come.

We’ve come to expect that Hillary will never tell us the truth because this event is not the only example of Hillary’s dishonesty we have seen, but unfortunately, just one in a series of dishonest conduct.

Hillary stated that when she and Bill left the White House, they were “dead broke.” The year they left the White House, the Clintons reportedly earned $12 million. Last time I checked, earning millions of dollars did not categorize one as being “dead broke.” In 2011, Hillary described the fear she experienced on September 11, 2001, as her daughter, Chelsea, was on a jogging route around the World Trade Center. Chelsea, however, was not jogging around the World Trade Center but was safe in a friend’s apartment. Hillary claimed she was under sniper fire in Bosnia in 1996, yet the footage of her on said trip shows her smiling and waving to the crowds upon arrival. Clinton stated that all her grandparents were immigrants, when in fact, only one was.

More recently, Hillary emailed her daughter that the US Embassy attack in Benghazi was carried out by a terrorist group; yet she told the families of the Americans that died that that attack was a spontaneous protest in response to a video.

While the aforementioned inconsistencies pale in comparison to the Benghazi cover up, they still show an aspect of Hillary’s character that the left doesn’t seem to care about.

One of the scariest thoughts surrounding Clinton’s campaign may not necessarily be the possibility of her winning, but rather the blind faith her supporters have in her. Is honesty not a trait they look for in a President? Or has Hillary cast such a hypnotic spell on them that they simply cannot comprehend the deceit of her actions?

When we think about the reasons and circumstances behind Hillary’s concealment of her knowledge of the Benghazi attacks, we begin to wonder why she continues to lie and what she has to gain from these lies. Why didn’t she share with the American people the same information she gave her daughter in a personal email: that the attacks in Benghazi were undertaken by a terrorist group, similar to Al Qaeda? Why did she lie about the motive behind the attacks? Why did she give a false reason to the families of the Americans who died?

If anything, Hillary’s lies regarding Benghazi show the American people who she really is: someone who only cares about protecting her personal brand, image and political career, even if it involves the deaths of four Americans. That is why all Americans should care about these lies, not just Republicans.

We deserve the truth from our Presidential candidates. We should expect that our President cares about the people that inhabit their country. We should demand that our President acts in a way that protects American citizens.

Hillary’s refusal to tell the truth and take accountability for her failure regarding Benghazi should be enough to show the American people that she is not fit for the role of President.