It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote about the situation at Western Washington University.  Since then, new information has come out, and certain developments have unfolded.  A student, alleged to have posted comments such as “Lynch Her” (referring to the student body president) on the Yik Yak messaging service, was arrested and has been charged with malicious harassment.  Malicious harassment is a Class C Felony in the state of Washington, punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

While virtually all of us who attend WWU agree that posting threatening comments on the internet is despicable and indefensible, not all of us support the knee jerk reaction from the campus left.  In the aftermath of this incident, we have been lectured by our self-appointed moral betters on the left on the typical things that we conservatives have come to detest about modern academia.  We have been been lectured to on microaggressions, white privilege, and the smear of painting the entire institution as having a race problem, among other things.

If you listen to some people, you would think that the University was being run by the Klan.

However, as I sat in one of my classes suffering through the typical inane conversations about the public education system and “white privilege,” I realized that my liberal classmates weren’t logically consistent.  Whose fault is it that the education system is failing and that, as a result, many African-Americans and urban poor are struggling compared to other races?  Whose fault is it that inner cities are plagued with all sorts of problems?  The answer is quite frustrating for those of us who have to respond to nonstop left-wing moral posturing.  These terrible schools, and the bankrupt and crime stricken cities they are often centered in, are all run by people who receive upwards of 90% of the black vote: Democrats.

America’s public education system, from preschool through college, is mostly run by people who are politically to the left of the rest of the country.  The problem is not “white privilege” or a lack of ethnic diversity, but poor leadership.  High taxes, high regulations, and massive unions have suppressed job creation and deprived inner city communities of better opportunities.  Further, the welfare state has destroyed the black family in this country.  Government cannot be a father that teaches children how to be an upstanding member of society.  There are a few simple ways to be successful in America: finish school, have a job, and do not have kids before you are married.

The key to improving lives is not through ethically based affirmative action, or pretending that the country is still in a pre-Civil Rights Act mindset.  Instead, the answer to these problems is the realization that government cannot love you and cannot care for you.

And at WWU, the combination of big government and personal irresponsibility poses far greater obstacles to success than one guy (so far) out of a school of over 15,300 students.