On December 14th, President Barack Obama took to the podium to address the country on the current status of the American military efforts against Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIL). According to Mr. Obama, ISIL has been handed the fight, and our “progression must continue.”

In addition, President Obama is dispatching his chief foreign policy officers to work on continuing his strategy of maintaining hard strikes on the terror group, diplomatically and militarily. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is being sent to the Middle East to help with the strategizing of coalition forces in the region. In addition, Secretary of State John Kerry is, also, being sent to Russia to assist in the “fight” on a diplomatic front.

In the very brief statement, Obama made it very clear that the United State is hitting the so-called Islamic State terrorist group”harder than ever.”

“More people are seeing ISIL (or IS) for the thugs and the thieves and the killers that they are,” the President said in the statement.

The press conference was a strange occurrence for the President, especially, due to the fact that Obama has not visited the Pentagon since July.

Obama, and members of his National Security Council presented strategy that root out IS leaders, continue training of ISIL opposition, swift military action, and to strike the financial networks of the terrorist group.

There has been an escalated fear over the Islamic State, in past weeks. Much of the fear deriving from recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California and Paris, France. Both attacks were mentioned in the presidential briefing.

A November poll, from The Washington Post and ABC News, shows that more and more people are afraid of terrorist attacks taking place in the United States. 81% of respondents agree that a terrorist attack is likely.

The president’s briefing was in response to the ongoing ISIL scourge in the Middle East.  The Islamic State is a literalist extremist sect of radical Islam, which seeks to build a pan-Islamic global caliphate.