As we plunge into 2016, it has become very clear that Obama will use his last year of power to strip Americans of their second amendment rights. Guns have become the chief issue of the Obama administration. During Obama’s teary eyed speech on Tuesday, his social media staff tweeted out a very false statement regarding online gun sales. This article will serve to clear up many recycled democratic talking points about guns.

The Gun Show “Loophole”

Every time the gun discussion resurfaces, the infamous “gun show loophole” talking point resurfaces with it. The main argument of anti-gun advocates centers around the false assertion that guns are entirely too easy to acquire. This sort of sensationalism is not only false but also hinders productive discussions on the topic.

Put simply: every legal gun sale requires a background check. Every sale at a gun show through an FFL requires a federal background check through the NICS. Private citizens are allowed to sell at gun shows and transfer firearms to family/friends without a background check, however, they can and will be held criminally responsible if their firearm is used in a crime. Because of this, most responsible gun owners who aren’t FFLs that are looking to sell their firearms will bring their customer to an FFL and require a background check before they transfer the weapon. A good example of a straw man being held criminally responsible is the San Bernardino murders. Enrique Marquez, a friend of Sayed Farook was indicted in December for providing material support to terrorists. According to CNN, Marquez “bought firearms from local stores in late 2011 and early 2012, and is suspected of buying the rifles used by Farook and Farook’s wife.” Because Marquez provided these weapons to Farook he is now being held criminally responsible and will most likely remain in jail for life.

Most dealers at gun shows are FFLs (Federal Firearms Licensee), and the ones who are not are usually there to sell antique guns. I understand this is still considered a loophole but it is a very minuscule one. According to a Bureau of Justice Statistics report, a mere 0.7% of firearms used in crimes were purchased at gun shows while 39.2% were obtained illegally (Theft, Black market, etc.). Criminals aren’t waltzing into gun shows and buying ridiculous amounts of guns. It just isn’t happening.

Also, for an administration that seeks to punish straw men purchases, they were surprisingly light on Jalita Johnson who, back in November, provided weapons (illegally) for Marcus Wheeler. Wheeler then used those weapons to kill Omaha police officer Kerrie Orozco. Dana Loesch Radio reports, “U.S. District Judge Eleanor L. Ross sentenced Jalita Johnson to only one year probation and 40 hours of community service for straw purchasing a firearm used in the murder of Omaha Police Officer Kerrie Orozco…President Obama appointed Ross to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia in December, 2013.”

Online Sales

Another “loophole” that the gun control crowd likes to push is that online sales are unchecked and that one can purchase exorbitant amounts of AR-15s unchecked. Obama even tweeted:

This is patently false. Every gun sale a dealer made online requires a background check. When someone purchases any type of firearm from an online source, it must be sent to an FFL by the online seller for a background check before the firearm is handed over to the customer. If this procedure is not executed by the online firearms dealer, they are committing a crime. Plain and simple.

Assault Weapons

The left’s favorite term when it comes to discussing guns is “assault weapons.” The literal definition of an assault weapon is not limited to a firearm though. Anything can be used as an assault weapon if used as an instrument to forcefully cause bodily harm to another individual. This book sitting next to me on the table as I write this could be used as an assault weapon.

Presumably, when the left is talking about assault weapons, they are talking about the infamous AR-15. A little history for the uneducated: The “AR” in AR-15 doesn’t actually stand for assault rifle, it stands for Armalite, the patenting company. In 1959, Armalite produced the original AR-15 for the United States Military, however, they soon sold the design to Colt. Colt continued to produce the rifle for the military but also redesigned and produced a semi-automatic variant of the rifle for civilian use. Today’s AR-15s are lightweight, reliable, and easy to use. They fire many calibers, some as small as .223, which reduces recoil and collateral damage.

Overall, many people prefer AR-15s to shotguns as a primary weapon for home defense or defense against possible tyranny. I refer you to a famous Youtube video in which Joe Biden says shotguns are easier to use than AR-15s. The video then shows numerous women that are knocked back violently after shooting a shotgun and one woman who handily fires seven or eight rounds from an AR-15. It is truly a masterpiece of amateur Youtube videos.

Gun Free Zones

Last but not least is the false notion that gun free zones keep people safe. I’ve written several articles on this issue: One on Gun Free Zones in general, one on the Oregon community college shooting, and one on San Bernardino. I ranted on twitter about it last night (@ChrisNuelle), and I’ve appeared on David Madeira’s radio show to discuss the topic as well.

I’ll let my previous writing do most of the talking, but my main point is this: almost every mass shooting in America has occurred in a GFZ. Gun free zones attract criminals because they know that they can retain domain over their victims for a good amount of time, and that nobody inside the gun free zones will be armed. It’s also peculiar that, instead of protecting our children with armed guards and/or teachers, we protect them with metal signs. Until gun free zones are abolished, we will continue to see these displays of horror.

Part 2 coming soon!

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