The New Hampshire primaries are placed in a unique time frame for the 2016 presidential election cycle. With Saturday night’s GOP debate concluded and the ballot boxes getting brushed off for Tuesday, Republicans and Democrats are ready to cast their votes for the first primary election this political season.

Based on poll data, Trump is the leader in the New Hampshire Republican primary. Top seated candidates that are left in the race include Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich (yes, he is still in the race) . On the other side of the political spectrum, comrade socialist Bernie Sanders still dominates the pantsuited traitor Hillary Clinton.

Contrary to what current poll data indicates, the GOP debate in New Hampshire was the night of governors; the candidates who have been underwhelming in the past overperformed last night.

Particularly, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie assaulted Senator Rubio with career questioning attacks that threw the Florida-D.C. dweller off his game.

All the fireworks between Christie and Rubio started with Rubio defending his congressional record and how he would make America the “single greatest nation in the history of the world.” Christie immediately fired back with one of the snarkiest remarks of the night.

“I like Marco Rubio, and he’s a smart person and a good guy, but he simply does not have the experience to be president of the United States and make these decisions,” he said. He went on to attack the Florida senator’s track record of missing votes. Christie also attacked the “25-second speech” and similar rhetoric that Rubio spewed over and over.

“This election is not about the past. It is about what kind of country this is going to be in the 21st century,” Rubio stated.

“You know what the shame is — you know what the shame is, Marco? The shame is that you would actually criticize somebody for showing up to work,” Christie replied while trashing Rubio’s spotty recent record in his U.S. Senate role.

Aside from the cat fight, former Florida governor Jeb Bush held his ground while attacking Trump. Essentially, Trump attacked Cruz. Cruz attacked Trump. Jeb attacked Rubio and Trump. Rubio almost cried. Trump attacked the audience. The only candidate that maintained a sense of temperament was Ohio governor John Kasich.

Based on the polls, Kasich has a chance at taking some very important ground in the coming primary. In the debate, his mettle showed, especially with these trends.

Kasich is at 13% in the latest Boston Globe/Suffolk poll, ranking above competitors Bush and Cruz. Though the debate indicated that there is still a schism in the GOP, New Hampshire will prove pivotal for candidates.

On a sad note, projections for Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson are still at a low. Carson’s performance in the debate was relatively average while Fiorina was denied primetime, once again.

In the end, it is still anybody’s race going into volatile New Hampshire.