For years, Americans have assumed that if we were to get a female president in the first quarter of the century, that female president would be Hillary Clinton. In this election, however, numbers are showing that women, especially younger women, are gravitating towards other candidates.

In an effort to combat this, Hillary has brought on two of the feminist movements most prominent advocates to her campaign. Instead of bringing women together, however, they are attempting to convince young women to vote for a candidate entirely based on gender.

At the Saturday New Hampshire rally, Madeline Albright remarked that “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,” insinuating that the women who choose not to vote for Hillary are destined for hell.

Gloria Steinam also made an insensitive remark arguing that younger women tend to vote where their male counterparts cast their votes. Steinam is suggesting that women who don’t support Hillary are only supporting the men they fancy; as if women are too stupid to think on their own and turn to the men in their life to direct them, a fairly prehistoric view of thinking, especially for a self proclaimed feminist movement landmark.

Perhaps the reason why women voters are not supporting Clinton is not because they are anti-feminist, but because Hillary is anti-feminist. Women voters all over the country would likely love to see a woman in office; but not just any female president, the right female president, and that simply is not Hillary.

What has Clinton done to support women? Stand behind her adulterous husband who partook in sexual assault against young women? Slander and try to ruin the women who claimed abuse against her husband? Bring women into her campaign who make anti-feminist remarks?

Clinton is ambitious, driven, and determined. While, yes that is admirable, she is also clearly willing to not only step on women (like those who were abused by her husband whom she chose to silence), but to also manipulate women in order to get votes.

For Hillary, however, actions will speak louder than words in this campaign, and her actions have shown that she is not a supporter of women, she is only a supporter of herself. I would love to see a woman as president of this great nation, but someone who sets a good example and lifts all women up along with her. Not a woman who stomps on other women and manipulates them to further her own career, which is exactly the type of woman that Hillary is.