Former TCC editor Amy Lutz is no stranger to controversy, especially working with the Young America’s Foundation.  However, a recent trip that she took to California State University, Los Angeles turned ugly when she and a CSULA student were advertising for an upcoming lecture by Ben Shapiro.

While posting flyers for the event, the pair were accosted by none other than sociology professor Robert Weide, who has made headlines in the past for calling conservative students at CSU LA “white supremacists” and challenging conservatives to physically fight him at the school’s athletic center.  This encounter, though it had fewer physical threats, was no less intimidating:

Dr. Weide immediately tore down the flyers we had just placed and ordered us to stand still, as he was calling campus security. At one point he mentioned to us that we could either stay put or leave, but that he would “follow us” if we choose the latter option.

He then proceeded to call us “fascists” for simply promoting an alternative viewpoint and tried to blame us for “death threats” that he’d received. …

Dr. Weide alerted an administrator in the sociology department to talk to us as we were waiting for campus security. We proceeded to tell her that we didn’t know that we weren’t allowed to post flyers without department authorization. Dr. Weide, however, continued to tell this administrator that we were “intimidating him” by putting up flyers. Throughout the course of this conversation, Dr. Weide repeatedly tried to get our names and IDs, which we declined to provide. I for one, felt very unsafe during the interaction and didn’t want to give Dr. Weide any method of tracking me down while I was on campus.

Thankfully, the conflict instigated by Mr. Weide was resolved admirably by CSU LA’s campus security officers.

However, this incident raises an important question: when will the madness stop?  When will professors like Mr. Weide finally realize that conservative viewpoints (1) aren’t inherently racist, and (2) have the right to exist and be heard at universities like CSU LA?

Read the rest of Amy’s story–and see a picture of the concerning note left by Weide on his office door–in her article titled “Entitled Professor Tries to Stifle Free Speech” at the YAF website.