Former White House Press Secretary and Fox News’ The Five host Dana Perino is truly a role model to me. This past summer I picked up a copy of her book, And the Good News Is… off of a coffee table at a friend’s house. I ended up purchasing a hardback of my own and packed it in my carry on for a flight to Europe. I actually ended up tweeting at Dana Perino herself and she personally took the time to reply to me. Needless to say, my day was made.

Right off the bat I felt myself connect with Dana Perino. She was a Mass Communications major in college; myself, a Communication Studies major with a concentration in Public Relations. To an extent, this lessens certain anxieties I have about earning a “useless” degree. In fact, she relays advice from former U.S. Secretary of Education and president-elect of the University of North Carolina, to “put your big girl panties on and deal with it.” Millennials do need reminders to stop worrying themselves to death and put aside of self-doubt. Perino also exemplifies an extraordinary ability to engage in bipartisan cooperation by at the very least entertaining the ideas presented by all. One of the most refreshing segments of And the Good News Is… to me was her reminder that “Democrats are humans, too.” At times we Republicans may tend to forget this.

A number of sections in her writing spoke to me. She gives timely advice to young conservatives such as myself while avoiding a preachy self-help novel sort of tone. She encourages readers to write thank-you notes, let certain things go, spit out your gum, and dress professionally for jobs – all important pieces of advice for college students approaching the workforce. (I’d like to give a nod to my mother who has been a real stickler about me chewing gum at church through the years.) In regards to politics, she reminds readers to “disagree without being a jerk”, and to “feed your brain”, or in other words be respectful when sticking up for your beliefs and stay informed.

To see that someone who was once in my shoes worked hard and ultimately achieved so much success feels empowering and inspirational. Dana Perino is modest, level-headed, and unafraid to be right, yet she has worked closely with elite political leaders. And maybe that’s what we need from politicians; to see the humane and humble side of them as crusaders of conservative public service in a society constantly trying to compromise our beliefs.