Why are Ben Carson and John Kasich still running for President?

After finishing fourth in Iowa, eighth in New Hampshire, and last in South Carolina, Carson said that “This is just the beginning.”  He then placed a distant fourth place finish in Nevada.  The Carson campaign’s burn rate has left the campaign is a position where it is almost out of money.

In retrospect, Ben Carson should never have run for President.  Each day he stays in the race diminishes the image he has built for himself as a good and decent man.  Carson’s appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast thrust him onto a national stage where he clearly did not belong.  Ben Carson illustrates this by having at least one self-pity moment in each debate: he mentions how grateful he is that the moderators remembered him, and then proceeds to answer the previous question that he was not asked.  In a day and age where stage presence rightly or wrongly determines the fate of a candidate, Carson sounds like he is at a library while the other candidates are yelling at each other.

John Kasich, on the other hand, was always going to have an uphill climb if he wanted to be President.  As if his Medicaid expansion was not enough, he has said that his faith compelled him to do it.  Kasich also has called himself the “Prince of Light and Hope,” and after his second place finish in New Hampshire said that “Tonight, the light overcame the darkness.”   His entire justification for running seems to be that he is from Ohio, because despite the fact that there are 49 other states, Republicans have convinced themselves that Ohio is the most important.  Despite what Kasich says, the Republican Primary is not a four man race, and compassion is not measured by how much you spend on Medicaid.

To put it lightly, Carson’s and Kasich’s campaigns are both busy rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and, in the spirit of Baghdad Bob, claim that the ship has no hull damage.  They have no path towards anything better than a fourth place finish, and both are delusional if they think they have a chance of winning.  Both are taking time–and votes–away from the other anti-Trump candidates.

For the sake of the conservative movement, the Republican Party, and the country, Ben Carson and John Kasich need to drop out of the race.