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In response to the rise of the #NeverTrump crowd, Sean Hannity and Reince Priebus have been pushing Trump on the CPAC 2016 crowd. At his speech before the debate last night, Hannity shamefully said that he isn’t endorsing a candidate; however, by just listening to his speech one could deduce that he is pro-Trump.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and diversity of opinion is what makes this country great. I’m not disavowing Hannity simply because he has a different opinion than I do, I’m simply saying that the idea that he has is cancerous to the GOP.

As I’m writing this, Hannity and Reince, both on stage, are repeatedly saying that Republicans should support the nominee, whoever it is. This tells me that not only are they contributing to the rise of Trump, they’re absolutely terrified of losing loyal GOP voters. But what they don’t realize is that many GOP voters, myself included, are equally terrified. We’re terrified of what Trump would do to this country. We’re terrified of how Trump would handle foreign policy issues. We’re terrified of how Trump would handle criticism.

The GOP must understand that Trump is poisonous to the party. He represents everything that the GOP is so falsely accused of being: xenophobic, racist, bloviating, etc. The Democrats are laughing at us. They know that if Trump is made the nominee, they can absolutely pile on him to destroy him. The media, who is disgustingly propping him up, will most certainly turn on him once he is the nominee. The GOP will be utterly gutted when Reince and Hannity’s fantasy is fulfilled.

Americans, including Reince and Hannity, are angry. I’m angry as well. I understand this anger. What I don’t understand though is why you’re using your anger as an excuse to support Trump. Ted Cruz is also angry. Marco Rubio’s angry. They’re both incredibly conservative, and will do more to represent GOP voters than Trump ever will. Both Rubio and Cruz have near-perfect scores on the Heritage Action scorecard (Cruz has 100% and Rubio has 94%). Cruz and Rubio would be monumentally better presidents than Trump would.

The evidence is so clear, but Fox News, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and others continue to defend Trump, even after some of his dumbest moments. Breitbart is now so disgustingly pro-Trump that I can’t even read their news stories.

I cannot believe how the media has treated Trump compared to the other candidates: he has been caught repeatedly lying, but the media has yet to pounce on it as aggressively as it should. They salivated over the nonissue that Cruz lied about Ben Carson dropping out. They act offended and call for civility when Rubio slams Trump but when Trump goes on a childish tirade they laugh and play it on repeat for 24 hours. I am disappointed that Fox News, a station that I once respected, has sold out their principles for ratings.

I can’t tell if the GOP is blinded to this ridiculousness, but one thing I know for certain is that the GOP will not survive if Trump is the nominee. Yet Reince continues to stress that true conservatives should support the nominee, whoever that may be. Reince and the GOP wouldn’t have to continually repeat this if Trump wasn’t in the race. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are liked by a majority of the GOP, and would unite the party more than Trump.

Given the fact that TheCollegeConservative is a media organization, and by writing this I’m giving Trump attention, this will be my last article regarding Trump.  I leave you with this: I will not vote for Trump, and any conservative who does is not a conservative.  America, do the right thing. Don’t vote for Trump.

GOP: you made your bed with Trump, and come November you’re going to have to sleep in it.