Hating Donald Trump is becoming a habit in American politics. Back in the days of W. (Bush) there was something we called Bush Derangement Syndrome. It described the odd behavior of many Democrats who, when they heard the name “Bush,” went into paroxysms of rage and irrationality. Charles Krauthammer, who coined the term, defined it like this, “the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush.”  Everything was George Bush’s fault, 911, Iraq, Afghanistan, Katrina and beyond. This syndrome proved so hardy that even years after he left office, things continued to his fault. Obama blamed his own failures on the mess that Bush left him. Bush Derangement Syndrome has grown a little stale since we’re now almost a decade out of his presidency. But thankfully, we’ve found a new person to hate: Donald Trump.

Why do so many people hate Trump? There are many reasons. Because he is a businessman whose failings are immense, and yet claims to have the qualities to lead a nation. Because he’s a man who claims to know how business is done and, when we look at his record, we find, among others, a list of failed ventures, unpaid contractors and dubious housing practices. Because he has a middle-finger approach to politics. Because, for conservatives, he is a type of anti-Reagan and, for progressives, he embarrasses them by making politically incorrect discussion publicly acceptable.

So who is to blame for Trump’s immense success? Let’s start with the Left.

The Left shares a heavy portion of blame for Trump’s success. For decades the Left has enjoyed the politics of divisiveness, splitting us along lines of race, ethnicity, wealth, sex and orientation. Leftism has also enjoyed success in its eternal denigration of the United States, its history and its Founders. It has also made politics a game of violence, backstabbing and outright lies. Starting with the Days of Rage in 1960s Chicago, and up to the Occupy Movement’s vile behavior in New York City’s Zuccotti Park, violence in the name of their ideals has been commonality for the street Left.

It is strange to see politicians like Obama, who are masters of dirty politics, suddenly morph into avatars of cleanliness when Trump is involved. Is Obama really the right man to be complaining about “vulgar and divisive rhetoric?” They love to denounce his public discussion of the size of his penis, and his various affairs. But that standard doesn’t apply to Progressives.  There is a long tradition of Progressives having “vulgar and divisive rhetoric,” especially while in office.

According to one account, when asked by journalists why we were getting involved in Vietnam, LBJ, who was then President, pulled out his penis and replied, “This is why!” While a Senator, LBJ once displayed his dick in the men’s room and asked, “Have you ever seen anything this big?” Bill Clinton is a known adulterer and, according to some allegations, a rapist.  Bill Clinton is also an associate of Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy pedophile who used young girls as sexual favors to powerful men. Meanwhile, Hillary has spent decades covering up her brilliant husband’s many sexual misdeeds. Franklin Roosevelt, the most eminent of all Progressive Presidents, was reputed to have had affairs with Lucy Rutherford, Daisy Suckley and Missy Lehand, and others.

Back to the Right, voters are heartily sick of the GOP, with its rhetoric of standing up to big government and, once in Washington, bending to every furious blast of the political winds. Voters are tired of hearing from another featherweight Progressive how he’s going to ‘make the world safe from democracy.’ Voters are tired of polite talk of compromise with the Left, which ends up being cave-ins to the Left. Voters have wearied of candidates who’re afraid to attack a failing Leftist politician for his misdeeds. Voters want a candidate who empathizes with them and their worries.

To hear people on both sides of the aisle and both parties rage against Trump is astounding. We’ve not seen the DNC and National Review agree so completely on anything, ever. But, both sides bear responsibility for the political climate that has allowed him to thrive.