President Obama’s much talked about recent trip to Cuba and Argentina are a microcosm of the left’s modern foreign policy.  Conservatives and Republicans are trying to rationalize how the President of the United States can go to baseball game with the communist dictator of Cuba and then dance the tango in Argentina while an allied capital burns.

In previous decades things were different.  In the 1960s John F. Kennedy blockaded Cuba to prevent the Soviet Union from putting nuclear weapons on the island nation.  In 2016 Barack Obama stands in front of a mural of mass murderer, racist and nuclear war proponent Che Guevara (not exactly the guy you would expect young people to have pictured on their T-shirts).  The building the mural is pictured on is the Cuban Ministry of the Interior and unlike our Department of the Interior, the Cuban version is the Cuban equivalent of the East German Stasi.

After going to a baseball game with Raul Castro between the Cuban national team and the Tampa Bay Rays, Obama made his way to Argentina.  In Argentina pictures of him dancing the tango with a 40 year old brunette at a state dinner quickly made their way into the news cycle.  He did these things while the Belgian capital, headquarters for the European Union and NATO was burning.

People have tried to explain the Obama Doctrine, but incompetence does not do it justice.  For Obama and much of the modern left foreign policy is a distraction from the job of fundamentally transforming America at home.  This is why that as of January, Bernie Sanders had only been briefed once by his military adviser.  It is why an assortment of Democrats from Bernie SandersJohn Kerry to Barack Obama treat “climate change” as a greater foreign policy crisis than terrorism.

A large and significant portion of the left in this country also believe that the United States is the cause of all the world’s problems.  If the United States would stop throwing its weight around then there would be peace throughout the world.  How else does one explain the President of the United States saying that Iran can be a “Very Successful Regional Power?”

Communists, of which the Castro regime is no exception, paint themselves as the fighters against imperialism.  The Islamic terrorists in the Middle East do the same thing.  This is why the “tolerant” left so often sides with the least tolerant individuals in organizations.  Take the far left’s pro-North Vietnamese sentiment during the Vietnam War  or how they lionize Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists.  For the left, Palestinian fighters and Ho Chi Minh are not terrorists, mass murderers or dictators, they are fighting the colonial and imperial powers that occupy their lands, both of which are or were backed by the United States.

Ironically, these communist and jihadist fighters against “imperialism” both subscribe to ideologies that by definition are expansionist and conquering in nature.

The reason why the modern left’s foreign policy is hard to wrap one’s mind around is because it does not fit neatly into the traditional Republican-Democrat spectrum.  For the left, you do not have to be a communist or jihadist to sympathize with them.  As a result you get the President of the United States and Raul Castro agreeing on Cuban anti-American talking points.

Harry Truman’s Democratic Party is no more.  JFK’s Democratic party no longer exists. Franklin Roosevelt would probably be considered a war monger by most of the Democratic Party today.  The far left, which includes Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders, agree with the communist and Islamist critiques of American foreign policy.  If you believe that the United States is to blame for all the world’s problem, then you probably believe that the United States can not fix or should not fix them either.  If you believe that the United States can not fix the world’s problems then dancing the tango in Argentina while an ally’s capital is under siege is not as unbelievable as originally it seems.