Why doesn’t Europe act?

Three times in the last year, there have been terrorist attacks, and twice in France itself. Cologne has suffered from sexual assaults against its women. Germany begs migrants to not relieve themselves in showers, and not to molest women and little girls. As a stop-gap against a swell of child-crime and sexual assaults, Germany has even tried to pay migrants to go home.

Why doesn’t Europe act?

In the aftermath of Cologne, a young German girl posted a video, pleading with the Europeans to stop this madness. She directed a plea towards German men, saying, “Protect your children and women. … We need this protection.” Historically, the shaming of women has been sufficient cause for vendettas, even for murder. Bloody vengeance is “wild justice” as Bacon called it, and no one desires it. But there was not even the slightest outcry by German men as their women were made into victims.

If that weren’t enough, the victims have been blamed. Charlie Hebdo and the women are to blame. Europe itself is to blame for these things happening to it.

Talking heads speak of “radicalization” as if it’s the common cold. Everyone looks for the good Muslim to oppose to the bad Muslim, so they can all deny that Islam has anything to do with what’s happened. English writer Douglas Murray sadly wrote that “This is how it goes in Europe now. Everything barely worth saying will be said endlessly. And the only things that are worth saying won’t be said.”

So why doesn’t Europe Act?

In truth, the continent of Europe has been so inundated with a sense of overwhelming guilt that Euopeans cannot act.   Writers Bernard Schlink and Pascal Bruckner have told us much of what’s happening, and explained the immense pressures of being German (Schlink), or of being French or European (Bruckner). The latter tells us,

We Europeans are born with a burden of vices and ugliness that mark us like stigmata, for we have to recognize that the white man has sown grief and ruin wherever he has gone. For him, to exist, is first of all to excuse himself.  (Emphasis in the original.)

Europe cannot deny that what is done to it by migrants and terrorists is just, because it’s what they deserve.

Perhaps the perfect response to this comes, strangely, from the occasionally addled mind of Ayn Rand.  Conservatives have a mixed relationship with her, but John Galt speaks well when he says that “We are on strike against the doctrine that life is guilt.”

Life should not be guilt.  We cannot bear the sins of our forefathers forever.  Some guilt, for a time, may be proper, but at some point the generations must move on and, in some cases, forget these sins. England was born out of conquest, and a rift long remained between the Normans and the Anglo-Saxons; in time, however, that conflict ceased to truly matter, and the wrongs became part of the story of the English nation.

Now God may not visit the sins of the fathers upon their children, and in His failure to do so, others now do it for them. Europe has been reminded at every turn of its racism, colonialism, imperialism, and every other “ism,” and has been told “you are guilty, you cannot cry out.”

This refusal act is slowly choking Europe. The attempt to avoid mistakes of the last few centuries resulted in the creation of the European Union. This Union, unlike our own, is no Leviathan leashed by wise men with the chains of Constitution and custom, but a beast that is devouring its rider.

The EU betrays the purpose of good government.  The primary purpose of government is the protection of the life, liberty and property of its citizens. Without these protections in place, the citizenry has two options. They can either remove those in power and establish ‘new safeguards’ as Jefferson said, which will serve to protect them. Or, they can allow themselves to be devoured by others, while a ruling class, sated on taxpayer subsidies and fat on privilege, looks on and lets it go on.

Europe’s Leviathan of Union is solidly in the latter camp, pursuing power against the interest of their people.  To a degree, ruling classes are unavoidable: if you have only two men in a room, one must emerge superior to the other in some regard sooner or later.  Every society studied by anthropologists has included some people who are rulers and others that they rule. However, tribal chiefs and priests are always hedged about with large barriers to the abuse of their powers. It is only modern ruling classes which seek unrestricted use of power and wealth, with no moral, constitutional or cultural boundary to its use.

Europe’s ruling class, much like America’s, has become one with the ideas held by “the fashionable Left.” Much their predecessors, who supported Communism and Fascism, today’s elites support ceaseless immigration, both legal and illegal.

That elites denounce any suspicion of Islam or its adherents as racist is evidence that they do not wish to act. They may not want the West to be destroyed, but they are too cowardly to stop it from happening. Men and women who have personally experienced the awful things Muslims are capable of doing suffer from a “low-level hum of suspicion” that permeates their lives. If Europe does not awake to the causes of that suspicion–and to the very real danger it is in– then Europeans risk suffering from several awful outcomes.

As long as Europe labors under the notion that its’ guilt means that it cannot respond to evil, it will continue to see evil grow inside its borders. The assaults and killings will continue, and more innocents will die, until Europeans become immunized to them like people who live in a war zone.

Unless Europe acts soon, it may open the way to the next tyrannical strongman who promises safety in return for absolute power.