At the University of Tennessee of Chattanooga, Hailey Puckett, a student senator, is being called to resign due to her Pro-Trump opinions. Ironically the organization calling for her resignation is called “Empower UTC.” A more suited name for the liberal organization could be “Empower only those whom we agree with UTC.”

At Emory College, students wrote “Trump 2016” in chalk over campus walkways, and were immediately called upon by other students to get rid of such writings. The President of Emory’s Democrat club said that, “a lot of people felt targeted by that,” speaking of the chalk writings.

At the University of Pennsylvania, students protesting CIA Director John Brennan successfully shut down a speech he was due to deliver last week. Protesters argued, “Drones kill kids” and “Black lives matter” while boycotting his attendance at the school.

At Bowdoin College, members of student government faced impeachment for attending a Tequila themed party back in February.

At the University of South Carolina, Jacob Ellenhorn, a student senator, was called to resign from Student Government because of hosting a lecture by Milo Yiannopoulos and his relations with Campus Reform.

The list could could go on-and-on for pages. All over the country conservative students are facing oppression in the eyes of not hurting one’s feelings. Here, we are finding out exactly what happens when the generation that was told ‘everyone gets a trophy’ begins to grow up. Instead of facing words they might disagree with, these millennials act more like children.

It is ironic to the point where it is laughable, that these organizations whom are infringing on freedom of speech and expression, are the ones fighting for so-called tolerance. There’s a commonality that comes with these “tolerant groups” and that commonality is that if you’re not on their side of the political spectrum, then your views do not matter.

What do these organizations ‘offended’ by the actions of others have mainly in common? Their liberal affiliation. These groups advocate for equality, and expression for the individual, yet when someone says something that they disagree with they immediately run to the administration, looking for someone to cry to.

These groups preach tolerance, yet exhibit no signs of tolerance of others.These students often forget that although they do not have to agree with these people, they do not have the right to control them.

Professors are being fired, students impeached from government positions, and protests are being held regarding things written in chalk. The generation of entitlement is finally growing up and we are seeing first hand the repercussions that are coming with it.