When you think of human rights abusers around the world a few countries come to mind.  North Korea, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, our apparent new best friends in Iran and Cuba (just to name a few) are atop the world’s most oppressive countries.  That did not stop the guiding moral light that is the United Nations from naming Israel as the world’s top human rights abuser.

The UN Commission on the Status of Women listed Israel, and only Israel, as countries that oppress women’s rights.  Women in Saudi Arabia and Iran where unavailable for comment.  Israel has more scrutiny, double standards and lies told about it than any other country, often by the world’s worst regimes.  A country that has free and open elections and  treats its enemies in its own hospitals is criticized by the UN more often than North Korea.  In fact, the only thing the United Nations seems to be united in is its hatred for Israel.

Another US ally was the victim of another recent UN proclamation.  The UN commission on the Limits of Continental Shelf sided with Argentina in an attempt by Argentina to extend its maritime boundaries.  The only problem being that the new boundary puts the Falkland Islands firmly within Argentinian borders.  The islands were the scene for the Falklands War in which Britain successfully retook the islands from Argentina after Argentina invaded in April of 1982.  The war is seen as the turning point in Margaret Thatcher’s political career, who after the war claimed that “Great Britain is great again,”and for a brief point in 1982 Britannia again ruled the waves.

While the UN’s report is non-binding it will surely give Argentina, especially hard liners, a greater sense of justification in claiming the islands, despite the fact that Argentine claims to islands were always thin.

It would be prudent to stop treating the UN as some noble and virtuous institution that some on the left want to claim it is.  The UN is not our friend.  We give them 22% of their budget for what?  So our allies can be ganged up on?  Maybe if the UN would spend more time criticizing actual human rights abusers and less time redrawing borders, it could do something other than creating a huge traffic nightmare every year when world leaders speak to the UN General Assembly.