Active abolishment of opposition is fascism, and fascism has taken over at Tulane University.

As per annual tradition, the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity chapter at Tulane University built a wall of sand bags around their house last Thursday night. This year, some members spray painted “Trump” and his campaign phrase, “Make America Great Again” on each side of the wall, which was taken to be a reference to the border control wall proposed by republican nominee candidate Donald Trump.

Members of the Tulane football team weren’t having it.  While brothers of the fraternity tried to reason with them to leave the property, the opposition activists forcibly took down the wall.  These individuals had no connection to the fraternity and were not acting on any authority from Tulane University or any Panhellenic authority.

These soldiers of social justice might as well have had Mussolini himself tear down the wall because their justification was nothing beyond opposition of views.

Within hours after the destruction of the wall, social media was littered with posts highlighting the supposed white privilege, racism, and bigotry that was being expressed by the fraternity’s actions to put the wall up in the first place.

Major sites in the greek community such as and have already featured stories condemning Kappa Alpha Order.  Regardless of the amount of backlash, claims of bigotry and racism against the fraternity — and its members — are not factual and are completely unwarranted.

By definition, a bigot is a person that is intolerantly devoted to his or her own ideas.

The wall surrounding the house of Kappa Alpha Order did not suppress the views of others. Rather, it was a physical manifestation of some brothers’ opinions on immigration control.  The individuals that trespassed onto private property and tore down a wall that merely expressed the views of their peers are the bigots.

Furthermore, racism is the belief that all members of a race posses some quality or set of qualities that somehow distinguishes them as inferior.

Supporting increased immigration control through a new wall in and of itself is not racist. There are no racial groups being marginalized. This proposed wall merely stops people from breaking the law and entering the borders of another country.

White privilege is not relevant in the discussion of immigration control.  It is a privilege, however, to legally entering the border of another country.  A wall to keep the law and maintain order cannot be seen as offensive.

Buzzwords like bigotry, racism, and white privilege mean nothing without factual events to validate their charges.  No individual has the right to not be offended.  The display did not threaten anyone and all views that don’t directly infringe on the rights of others are protected.

The only crime KA is responsible for is belittling the fraternity’s traditions by politicizing what is meant to be meaningful ritual.