A few weeks have passed now since the Brussels attacks, but once again we have been denied a real dialogue about Islamic terrorism.  We are again regaled with the usual Leftist objections. Again reality is denied.  And again, the Right stands frustrated in its desires to see that the truth is known.

In an article of astonishing arrogance, Amanda Marcotte, a writer for Salon and a mouthpiece of the Left, wrote that the current fight is one of “adult Democrats vs. child Republicans.” She scolds the GOP like an angry mother, stating that “actual adults” know that to react to ISIS with violence is to play into their hands.  She wails that Trump “is using these attacks to chew over his obsessive hatred of immigrants,” and that Trump’s plan to stop force with force is “magical thinking.”

In another condescending article, Daily Beast editor Christopher Dickey informs us that, before the attacks, Brussels was already a center for “Islamophobia.” These attacks, Dickey believes, will “make it more and more difficult for Muslims and Arabs to integrate to European society… The level of suspicion is very high and that translates into xenophobic politics.”

Xenophobia and magical thinking? Is this the best that the Left can do? The Left has vaunted itself as the defenders of science, freedom, rational debate, and open dialogue. So where are these virtues? Being open-minded is something that Leftists only talk about. Their practice of it always comes up short.

As if this were not enough, websites like Islamophobia, run by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, are filled with pages denouncing National Review, Pamela Geller, and even ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi-Ali as being part America’s “Islamophobia Network.”

What we don’t find, amidst all the hand-waving, is a real tackling of the issue behind these terrorist attacks: Islamic terrorists have declared for years that they do what they do for Allah, to obey the Koran, and to follow Muhammad.

All of the terror attacks in Europe are being planned and committed by Muslims. The attacks on women in Germany and Cologne have been perpetrated by Muslims. The Birmingham sex scandal was, despite government reports which spoke only of “Asian men,” perpetrated by Muslim men.

Where is the irrationality in being afraid of men whose faith justifies and even commands such evils?

Religion of Peace, a website concerned with exploring the teachings of Islam, frankly says,

What other religion has clerics lauded as ‘moderates’, ‘bridge-builders’, and advocates of ‘peace and tolerance’ who, at best cannot even bring themselves to condemn suicide bombers or denounce Islamist terror organizations, or at worst actually support terrorismwife-beating, female genital mutilation, praise Islamist assassins and justify the killing of apostates and homosexuals?

What are we to make of this, indeed!

To be fair, there are Muslim reformers at work who are trying to make Islam more amenable to the modern age, in part by denouncing the violence of their co-religionists. The Muslim Reform Movement released a statement of principles last year, which include a rejection of violence and favoring “secular governance, democracy and liberty.”

But however noble these individuals may be, the current reality is that historic Islam continues to threaten the West.

Can we really continue to doubt the power of Islam’s ideology? I say ideology because Islam is more than just a religion, a way of relating to the Divine.  It is an idea of political rule upon the earth. Islam stands on a par with Communism, Nationalism, and Fascism, in the ranks of what one Italian political theorist calls “political religions.” These movements all possess ideas of such power that men have done the most heinous of acts in their name.

Is it irrational to afraid of such an ideology? No.

It is not wrong to be afraid of evil ideas, nor is it wrong to be afraid that the men who adhere to those ideas will do bad things. A “phobia” is a fear for which there is no rational cause. To be afraid of the little green men who follow you everywhere is an irrational fear. To be afraid of being bitten by the black widow spider is not. Fears, when justified, are a means of human survival. To ignore our fear of something we see to be a bad thing is not irrational, it has at least some justification.

Why, then, do many conservatives have a rational “fear” of Islamic ideology? Because conservatism includes the belief that, as Richard Weaver said, “ideas have consequences.” Ideas like monotheism, absolute morality, democracy and hierarchy, have possessed immense power.  The idea at the heart of Islam, which literally translates to “submission,” is just that: submission to Allah. If Allah were a God of love, the Jesus we see in the Gospels, then his followers would try to obey that message.

But is Allah loving? Well…sort of.

Allah has 99 names in the Koran, and one of them is al-Waddud, which means “the Loving.” But Allah’s love is highly qualified. Quran 3:32 and 30:35, says that Allah “does not love the unbeliever.” Allah loves us only if we first love and obey him. This differs immensely from the God of the Bible. John 3:16 reads, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” 2 Peter 3:9b reads, “Instead He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” Allah, by contrast, only loves those who already follow him, not unbelievers. Love in the Bible and the Quran are different. In the former, love is given by God to all, so much so that He voluntarily pays the price for our evil. But in the Quran, Allah’s love is highly selective.

This idea has a powerful impact. If Allah is not truly loving towards his creation, then why should his followers be loving towards one another? This is compacted when we see how often Allah and those claiming to represent His will command his followers to violence, almost without qualification, against non-believers. Islam commands many things, but love of one’s enemies is not among them: that idea is almost uniquely Christian.

We are not Islamophobic, but we are aware. Aware of what Islam teaches. Aware of what the consequences of these teachings have been. These consequences will continue to worsen until we find the courage to look truth in the face, and act upon that truth. Avoiding knowledge may be convenient, but it is the act of a moral coward. Knowledge must be had if we are to know how to act.