The world has been watching over the last few weeks as GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump has yet again managed to get the wrong kind of attention.

But this time, I don’t think what he said was wrong.

In case you have not been tuning in, Donald Trump made a very public comment on March 30th, condemning women who have had abortions. He made the statement that if the laws changed and abortion became illegal again, then women who received abortions must be punished. And unlike my peers on both sides of the aisle, I’m still a little confused as to why anyone (at least on the conservative side) is condemning this statement.

Think I’m crazy? Hear me out.

Under previous legislation, doctors — not women — were punished for providing abortions to pregnant women. I don’t disagree that this was and is still reasonable. What I can’t understand is why those who claim to be die-hard pro-lifers, are attacking Trump for wanting to criminalize getting an abortion. As pro-life individuals, we revere the rights of the unborn, right?

If we truly believe that abortion is murder, why is not okay to punish the person who ordered that execution? How is a woman killing her own child any different than someone who hires a hitman to kill someone? In these cases, the person who committed the murder and the person who ordered it both face severe punishment.

Trump often says what people are afraid to admit.  I am not a Trump supporter myself, for reasons that I have not the time nor the space to list. Yet, I have to say that from a logical perspective, I agree with him on this specific issue.

I believe in fighting for women’s rights, but not at the expense of the rights of the unborn. I believe that we as women have a very long way to go to pull ourselves up from where we have been.  I believe in true equality and the sanctity of ALL life, not just the lives that are convenient or planned.

When you have the choice to fight for someone who can speak for themselves or someone who can’t, always choose the latter.

Author’s Note: Trump has since backpedaled on this statement, and I am a little disappointed that he decided not to stick with his original position on the issue.