The Boston Globe recently published a mock front page, dated April 9, 2017, with the headline “Deportations to Begin” above a photo of Trump. The stories included the mass deportation of illegal immigrants, U.S. soldiers refusing orders to murder the families of ISIS members, and a dwindling economic market. According to the editor’s note, The Boston Globe claims that this is a representation of “Donald Trump’s America,” an America that the “Globe’s editorial board finds…deeply troubling.” It will be interesting to see if the Globe plans to publish mock front pages for the other candidates, particularly the Democratic front runner, Hillary Clinton. Possible headlines could read:

“Four Americans Killed Under Hillary Clinton’s Watch”

“Clinton Goes to Extreme Measures to Silence Victims of Sexual Assault to Further Her Own Career and Public Image”

56% of Americans Do Not Trust Their President”

“Ms. President’s Husband Rapes Women”

Oh, but wait! These are not hypothetical headlines, they are actual events that have happened. To quote the Boston Globe’s editorial staff, these headlines are incredibly “troubling,” because these aren’t simply a liberal-biased newspapers prediction of future events, these are headlines that describe real events that happened because of the Democratic party’s front runner, Mrs. Hillary Clinton..

In an interview conducted by the Weekend Edition Sunday, one of The Globe’s editors, Kathleen Kingsbury shared why the Globe felt the need to perform this stunt. She shared that “[Trump’s] violent mix of intimidation, hostility to criticism and explicit scapegoating of minorities shows that there is a real political movement taking hold in America and that’s a movement that we find deeply disturbing, one that we felt we needed to comment on.”

It would be interesting to see why Kingsbury and the rest of the editorial staff at the Globe find that Hillary’s apathetic concern over American life, track record of silencing sexual assault victims, and selfish and dishonest nature that has proved to be life threatening for Americans is not compelling enough to “comment on.”

Perhaps, the most “troubling” aspect of this? The fact that Ms. Clinton has inflicted more damage upon this nation and it’s citizens than any other current or past candidate, yet is still a front runner. If she could do all this and more before even entering office, what horrific things might we read if she is elected come 2016?