How often have we heard from people on the left that it is wrong to say that one culture is better than any other culture?

Saying that one culture is better than another threatens the far left’s world view that certain areas of the world are in poor condition because of some sort of Western exploitation, rather than, say, their own actions.  And nowhere is cultural relativism debunked better than in one area of the Middle East roughly the size of New Jersey.

On April 18, a bus was blown up in Jerusalem that wounded 21 people in a terrorist attack.  The Palestinians in Gaza gave out candy in celebration.  While terrorists are treated like heroes on one side of this conflict, things are different on the other.  On Tuesday, an Israeli court rejected an insanity plea in the case of the 2014 murder of a Palestinian teenager.  Two other minors were sentenced previously: one was sentenced to life in prison, and the other was sentenced to 21 years in prison.  Palestinian terrorists are even treated in Israeli hospitals.

One society is a culture that glorifies death and suicide.  The other culture is one that does not.  But since that second culture is unwilling to commit national suicide, it is demonized far and wide.

Joe Biden summarizes the views of too many:

We have an overwhelming obligation, notwithstanding our sometimes overwhelming frustration with the Israeli government, to push them as hard as we can toward what they know in their gut is the only ultimate solution, a two-state solution, while at the same time be an absolute guarantor of their security.

The fact that everyone, ranging from the American foreign policy establishment to the United Nations, is obsessed with a two state solution is something that is deeply disturbing.  Instead of ranting about the “occupation” of a country that does not exist (and, historically speaking, never has) or decrying the sins of Benjamin Netanyahu, maybe the diplomatic geniuses at the State Department or United Nations could spend more time criticizing Holocaust truther Mahmoud Abbas, or decrying “How to Stab a Jew” tutorial videos.

One side of this conflict is an essentially a death cult, and the other is a country run by the rule of law.  All societies are not equal, and that fact is on display every day in the Middle East.